Who Is The Influencer in This Arena (Full Comedy Episode 18)

on the way every Sunday you to stop bringing your relationshipinto the international TV are you crazy at least one time be serious you keep Ihave a kid you you pregnant with international you to your parents let me see me fully custom where thebathroom you know it these people they are working everywhere that's whythey're changing everywhere so that's they're happy but you're fullvigour those are the same chicken chicken they're the same black chickenthe bathroom yeah so who's the one give us room Gina Habba not a diva's RunaPatty's it's the same thing but out there have you two jobs are theyfighting us this is enough is enough people power on kuzey antifa Demiakiyama's Sirica teen tech avocado Boca but it's still stupid as oh yeah cutinto McCollum who need to get it anti-gay doubloons special tonight theonly inspiration you inspire so you see youyou're out of arrogant people and you still arrogant the same you can danceoh my god you Gardens you're gonna kill me one day so you seeing you out ofarrogant patchouli you 31 years old you still arrogant and totally top toptop arrogant person I know it's you so if you say good ambassador Mike Igave us Renato challenged serum she could take it balancing inane Garibaldien mi casa como como una Guerra chain cola Chino change a gala you know Cuomotema aeronaut ambikada Mundi were people powerlessagent returns like a chance Young winner him internally moving to be agreeable tome via Hulu me but they give you the money you know that you're survivingfrom them yeah you're surviving because of them I don't want to concede is a seta government wanna see Nam to Binaca Cena indigent it you know Chang was apinup people POW innate Agha I'm the best influenza why is itinfluenza Santa Sangre not unda week in a ballast Eva molded so it meanssomething do I have into a magnet even attack I'm Tina Tinado I need a wondeful of anyone people part nice bad blog without by blackyou're not gonna win the elections hey is that the right segment Bobby werenear to come and tell us because banks influenza is here aunty cotton says Andyendemic auntie our guru no solo Kootenai klimova pollutants cat incident and awagon a manger una ganancia gotta get a colicky Jen Jen Jen DePalma Boeingcricket enjoy it again tomorrow rupee Romanian investigates a fuckin oldginger Kwajalein CEO LaMontagne RM o 7z getcha veenachakra momo demon advances to be recessive of an instigator super banjonow yes st.

a so we made it up when Amitabha Buddha call in the city naivefrom being to Amity candor gonorrhea to a cola and it describes Oh ugh remainingready disclosed so take this cross like Trina she Irene give one but she'shiding something she's hiding and I can tell you no onecan pay you 500 million ug money are you crazyseven is not crazy to pay you for that you just a prostitute no one can giveyou that money no one can give you that money you know it so stop lying peopleif they give you that they give you meat while a time yoga jamala pronounce thepresident Olympia Mugen ops who's a Naga but we were fighting for the basics wewant free education AMA – Asami we're fighting for medical medical careevery reasonable innovator avanti avanti barbaric achieve every a being to anyonecan change immunization we all have the same causes yeah let's not just sidelinethe things even to Xavier cozy and the next presidents not gonna put money inyour pockets to mean I'm gonna care of much all of a sudden I'm gonna be noengineer them what they be opposed are because they be oppas are because peoplewill either accept it or you will just live in denialBianca's our because oh stop it in something what did you do we didsomething where is in South Africa were you making a business and stuff are youselling yourself in South Africa yes tell us if we did something you wouldhave say in you and raise your children not God pikapika pika pika big everywhere bigger bigger bigger is Uganda the onlyeconomic struggling country can I speak about my la we can I speak aboutZimbabwe is Uganda the only economic struggling country or horizontal thereto see the wahoos there you say it has over a who cared of much of human my newMuslim was they talking a kid of much of you my office over net even the nextperson is not gonna do that thing to everybody but if that's why you're beinglied to it's not gonna happen God woman thekiller Pokemon geniuses house key and subpoenas done something if you like itif you don't like it who are you people in diaspora Morgan evolved and whatAmerica ground be a Morgana behave in event we have a post finger Ginapostseason enough uma Boone hot water in 2004 Mia Bundynow I know via no younger is a coil pasta do all of your name is that thetruth where are you co-op web chance will opena beer what do you mean that's probably in Africa or in Uganda maybe it not youdon't know the difference between the US for Africa and Ugandan we can explain itto you Cuoco happy because I'll topical make a cooler user Bob you are there inSouth Africa sitting there hooking up yourself for nothing and then you saythat's when people they're shouting shoutingwhere are you you in the ass but maybe you don't know where you are even SouthAfrica separate South Africa is not a diaspora or they say that's why it'sonly you care and the American you don't understand the meaning of that for we'regonna teach you where you shit yeah what's wrong with the people read thisanother lady you you just can't compare to for ladies we have in in Ugandayou're never waste your time but black Daria Anne Tolleyfull-figure and don't Xena you're wasting your time these are the Westernquested materials on the internet and on the whole worldI sit here listen to Zelena I'm just weren't Hootie I'm I'm gonna teach yougo back and what's the meaning of diaspora ornamentI'd never gone by yes Naomi I'm gonna carry on you Julia wewere sisters remember never Nance a role modelbye mama we were seeing of Ambani several madhu up and who told you thatjob you you're looking beautiful you're looking beautiful for this Ivan theyjust look at the people who just look at the people who you're engaging with wedon't have a but to know about you so if you're saying you're wrong mother for mymother me my mother your role model for my mother my mother's more beautiful andI'm you're beautiful but inside of you is cabbage you know yourself you knowyou're not so don't say your real mother for what boo-hoo-hoo you've never been areal model for my for the mother the way you behave yourself you say your realmother for the mothers you change the man every three six months three monthsyou have another man another baby and I got mine you love a big nursery behindyou and guess what all of them is money so real mother cuzyou're gonna come kazarka biology cosmic adonai I have another car Lou Jim Casala ventana because we are not several more do I know I wonder if we're dudes Aruna had thisgat of coming and talk about politics because what I know of Zelena he alwayscome talk about men I have a new man every every three months every sixmonths he has another man yes married a thousand of men in his life theirsecrets one who we know in Buu saga we have secret now we know in in Buju wehave suppose we know in Mombasa yes married every scene every single man youknow that you have this he has already done that if you can you teach uspolitics you teach us politics you czarina you when jingle zani Yagami whatcredentials you have to be realistic michi-san is Ruchi number one I'm gonnabuy the future these are social media attacks me electronically bakumarusocial media researcher bakong jaramana of Milano my daddy I can bewhat does boob wine presents what credentials you have to be President ofUganda cassava manioc ELISA in Yokohama Sunday is dynamically this is one whatcut social media work in rural India cat being economy maybe a carabinerMokomoko tell me why not Ramba reason you haven't worked with Indy so can youcollege and never done is definitely answer go get up on song as a Quang okaysomebody except me so this could happen anyone trances yes yesterday I'm verysorry to there was just a little bit fire fire fire fire is burning noteveryday you it's a Friday that's how they say todayI was a little bit up but I'm sorry for you people it was really crazy becausewhat's going on in my heart is really dividing people and it makes us to benot concentrating on what is going on in this year we have election and otherpeople are doing other things other people doing other things other peoplethat coming into our brain and stuck chaining us but a god that many peopleare not loving this changing of our mind because we we were very steady this mywebsite that leader said master de share click that button subscribe and we goforward so don't forget to you see the icons for facebook and monday'steespring please or in my description down there teespring then you go into mystores you order some products I have my soles I have a lot a lot of designs theyI do it myself because I'm a designer and I'm trying to promote some productsso it's up to you and next week I'm gonna give out some giving back to youpeople who really followed me for so longup to now where I am right now I really appreciate you so please be there andI'm gonna give us all my best followers my best commodities subscribe commentcomment and my youtube channel let it go everywhereso that's a clicked in spring go to my 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