Trump Scandals Pass By, Lose Spotlight To New Trump Scandals | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

one of the hallmarks of this scandal-ridden time in our national life one of the hallmarks of this unprecedented ly scandal-ridden presidency is unfortunately that very serious things very shocking things even tend to just pass by even the most serious things they just pass by I mean the president's

campaign chairman was sent to prison the president's deputy campaign chairman was also sent to prison the president self named charity was shut down as an ongoing criminal enterprise and his children are henceforth restricted by law from even being associated with charities the president self-named fake University was shut

down as a scam as well and he had to pay twenty five million dollars to settle fraud claims against it and you know it's easy to forget but the president was also impeached and yes then the president retaliated against all of the witnesses who testified in his impeachment

hearings the president personally intervened to change the FBI's plans for its new headquarters building in a way that would benefit his own downtown Washington DC hotel the president's sister had to resign as a federal judge to avoid an ethics inquiry into alleged fraud and tax evasion schemes that

she and the president benefited from in terms of the family fortune they both inherited she gave up her lifetime appointment as a judge so that would not be looked at the president's cabinet secretaries and high-level appointees you know national security advisors defense secretaries White House chiefs of staff

White House communications directors hand-picked senior advisors they've all basically run screaming from the White House warning publicly about how dangerously unfit he is to be anywhere near the office of the presidency all his own hand-picked people even now he is still randomly promoting a supposed miracle cure for

coronavirus literally telling Americans they should take the drug and he is too the drug is both disproven as a cure or a preventative for coronavirus and oh by the way it kills some people those those endorsements of his miracle cure were both before and after he suggested that

maybe Americans should ingest distant should ingest disinfectants to clean out to the virus from inside our bodies I mean this is the president who put the guy who gave Jeffrey Epstein his get-out-of-jail-free card in the cabinet remember Alex Acosta remember what he had to resign over yeah this

is the president who put his son's wedding planner in charge of federal housing in the northeastern United States I mean just in the past couple of weeks we learned this president was told that Russia was paying cash bounties for the killing of American soldiers he was told that

and did nothing about it at all he was offered a menu of possible acts of retaliation against Russia for them doing that he chose on this menu I'll take nothing I will do nothing I mean these things just they just passed by I mean it's quite literally hard

to keep track of them it's my job to keep track of them it's hard to keep track of them I mean this is the president who pressured the post office to go after Amazon because he doesn't like the way the newspaper owned by the Amazon guy covers him

in his presidency this is the president who fired an inspector general among many he fired he fired one inspector general who was investigating the Secretary of State and his wife and he fired that inspector general because the Secretary of State asked him to sure of course that's kosher

this is the president who tried to get the g7 meeting held at his own Golf Club in Florida this is the president who advertised his wife's jewelry line on the White House website complete with the trademark know this president apparently believes that Frederick Douglas is still alive and

that the statue of a random Bronco writer in his office is Teddy Roosevelt this is the president who randomly took a surprise urgent emergency trip to Walter Reed military hospital and won't say what for this president changed a hurricane forecast into one he liked better than the real

one and then made the National Weather Service say they agreed with his made-up version I mean where do you begin these things like just pick a week pick a week that he's been in office or running for office throw a dart you can name something like this right

along these lines I mean any individual one of these things would be among the biggest scandals if not the biggest scandal to ever afflict any other presidency but by virtue of the sheer number of scandals that surround him like flies around Pigpen these have just become part of

what we expect right we have a little momentary shock at a short period of interest with each new low blow but then we just wait for the next one and they all just pass by and the most common reason they get pushed off the front page is because

another newer scandal comes along to squeeze them out

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