Trump GOP Caught In COVID Hypocrisy: TX Official Tells Voters To Gather In Person For Virtual Speech

this Trump reelection strategy at times including with Republican allies around the country in different states is to just lean into the idea that maybe the pandemic is over but this is running I want everyone to see this and get Heather's response it's running right into conflict with the human instinct of survival so right now we're counting five top Republican senators already saying they're just gonna skip the Republican convention in Florida citing coronavirus as the reason New Hampshire's governor also saying he won't attend Trump's rally this very weekend I'm gonna go and greet the President as the governor I don't I don't will not be in the crowd of thousands of people I'm not gonna put myself in the middle of a crowd of thousands of people as the governor I try to be extra cautious for myself and my family banner Texas Republicans meanwhile going forward with a state convention next week but get this the state's two most powerful figures are actually gonna skip out on the very thing they're asking their own constituents and party faithful to do they are opting to give speeches virtually Heather because this is both real and incredibly rich your response you know there is this double standard that so many people in power have deployed asking low and underpaid workers to work without protective equipment while they work from home asking the federal government which just this week a number of states sued Betsy DeVos because they have been padding the numbers to give more money to private schools out of the money that Congress allocated in the recovery and in the first Recovery Act hear that it was meant for low income public school students you know slipping in a Republican tax cut into the tears act when absolutely we need to be raising taxes on the wealthy in the spirit of solidarity and national interest right now as states and localities face tons of red egg trying to keep our communities safe you know there's just this you know more and more advantage for those who are wealthy and powerful and then literally death and misery for everybody else and you know I hate to make this products and it shouldn't be partisan these are life-and-death issues but we definitely have a party that has decided to to become really a caricature of itself with you know just leaving millions of Americans to death and misery while they sort of make sure that their own pockets are like yeah I mean I'm running over on time but dr.

Manuel briefly the old criticism of certain right-wing policy was capitalism for the leaders and you know socialism for the corporations to get what they wanted back and I you look at this in Anna kovin lens this is literally infectious disease Magga rally for the regular folks and a virtual zoom bunker for the elites as someone who's been around both health and politics can you even believe that this is the Texas leadership's actual plan it does seem very very strange you know you say you want a leader who's gonna walk the talk and not someone who's going to tell you what to do and do 180 degrees opposite we saw this by the way also in the Senate when certain leaders like Senator Burr got briefings on this and said no everything's fine with coronavirus and sold their stock because they had advanced knowledge that the rest of us didn't from their private briefings this is you know it's crass behavior and it's not modeling we're all in this together and we all have to do it the same I would just remind your audience Winston Churchill took the underground during the war to get to work because he was like everyone else and it was the toil and the tears is something that he understood and he was going to suffer with everyone else dr.

manuel with the big churchill fax that was another piece of this story in texas we definitely wanted to get to my thanks to you doctor and heather mcgee thanks to both of you I'm re Melvin from MSNBC you can see more of our videos right here or better yet subscribe to our YouTube channel below you could have been anywhere in the world that you're here with us and we appreciate that.

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