Tricks At Home | MAGIC OF THE MONTH – April 2020

– Hey everybody, welcometo Magic of the Month for the month of April.

(air whoosh) (upbeat music) – Okay everybody, we'llbegin with presentations and Zack, you start us off.

– So for my presentation.



I don't get the wifi.

– All right, Zach, this thingis breaking up, I'm sorry Morgan let's go onto your presentation.

– [Morgan] Yes so.



– Just playing a little catch with myself.

Just playing a little catch with myself.

(car alarm blaring) I'm so excited for this month's episode because I'm gonna bereacting to your magic and I challenged you tocreate some magic at home.

So this is the at-home edition.

Let's react to your magic.

Here we go.

(Cedric speaking in foreign language) All right Cedric, what do you got? Now that we are in quarantine, these cabinets are going from this to let me guess its empty.

Oh no Toilet paper.

Everyone wishes, there it is empty.

Editson he's got a large spoon.

It's actually really cool.

Oh, Oh.

A little random, but okay.

Henry is duplicating toilet paper.

Man everyone's jumping onthe toilet paper theme here.

Nawaf, yeah so leftover cereal love it.

Gotta get the milk.

Ahmed water to ice.

I thought you wished that was real.

Epino Brothers, yep two plus two is four.

Three plus (laughs) clever.

That was, that looked good too.

Lorenz doing some juggling and did he just pass it to his mirror? – So this is my new trick.

– Look at Sofian.

Oh okay so some things up here.

Here he always does cool reveals you want to just leave it like.

– What's wrong? – Oh a friend too Nice.

– You always spoil.

– Oh no, he's going outside.

Don't do it, don't do it.

Very good, very good one.

That was actually really smooth.

Get a mini mini chair that was okay, that was awesome.

– Hey good morning.

– No no six feet, social distancing.

– (laughs) I didn't see that coming.

Bruce It's like Brucealmighty to grab the sun.

So you got an orange? Yes, worth $50, fruit is expensive and that's Nemo Eunjae no, don't dropyour foot in the water.

Painting in the watercolor Nice It's the seaweed, It was a nice touch.

I love that.

Escaping from the landlord or his mother or, or his wife? Hopefully not his wife.

Sandeep what's your wow.

Okay this video has a lot of work.

He's tired, he's sleepy.

He's working a late night shift.

He's doing the grind.

What can I say? I totally relate to you and you wanna steal some coffee cause he's doing the grindtoo on the other end.

Yeah Ray, you know you want to keep that.

(laughs) I love it.

Okay, so they're playinghide and go seek or doing (speaking in foreign language) Okay, that's like my old challenge, but that's legit cause they got like the grandfather.

I don't think that was like a costume.

That was great.

That was a caution though, incredible (mumbles) Ah, so smart.

Oh I love that.

Stealing from your siblings.

I wish I had magic whenI was in middle school.

How awesome would that have been? Kacper little inspiration bythe Kevin Perry right there.

One of the other masters.

Parmod oh, kind of remindsme of a Kevin loose garden.

– Hey buddy, six feetaway, okay six feet away.

– Get back keep yourdistance, social distance Shivam yes, way to go.

It's actually a difficulttrick to pull off, but what do you get it? You're taking it directly from that.

That concept is solid.

Y'all did me there good job.

Love it that is how youplay games with yourself.

Yellow and he makes orange.

I love that.

That's a great way to mix.

Koliba what do you got? You got good stuff.

He's saying that a mask is more valuable these days than money.

Love it.

– All right.

– All right.

– All right Nate, you're up to no good.

I can already tell I knew it.

Nate, you're up to give it back.

Give him the sandwich back.

Oh, twist ending Tobias that was a really smooth jump-cut.

Love it.

Okay something's up here.

Wait, I think okay.

That's in the doorway look at that.

You can even freeze and look at that.

He set that up in the door.

That's so cool.

Hi there on a video call.

Yes a lot of people arevideo calling these days and then I knew there were moremasks in the Kleenex boxes.

That was really well done.

– Krimium.

– Please we can't go, we are in quarantine we have to stay in – No way, I have to go– – Yeah, you tell him.

You tell him to stay inside.

Wow! – Okay stay there.

– That was so smooth.

– Yo open (banging mirror) Yes, oh, twists ending.

So he gets the reflection stuck.

I love this kind of concept.

That's awesome and a great message.

So all of you that were featured in this Magic of the Month video, you are receiving a specialMagic of the Month pin, but if this was yourthird time to be featured, you get our new black oldedition Magic of the Month pin.

This is a really special edition and we have some really coolsummer pins coming out too, so stay tuned for those.

So thank you all for submittingfor Magic of the Month.

This month we had over 600 submissions.

It was really hard to pick them all cause they were also cool I'm gonna give you another challenge for the month of may.

You're gonna have another chance.

So if you weren't featuredhere, that's okay.

You have a second go at it.

And to give you a little criteria of what my team is looking for, when we see all these submissions, we're looking for thecreativity of that idea as well as your magic technique.

But as you saw, not everyone's technique, is perfect for thesetricks and that's okay.

It goes to show that the storyis also really important.

So you have just as clever ideas, go out and shoot it and then you can work onthe technicals over time.

So for this next month's challenge you can probably guess the prompt cause we're gonna keep it the same.

We're gonna keep it at home magic, but I'm gonna give you a few ideas.

Maybe you get a special way that you deliver yourfood or your groceries.

I love to see how you are attending school or your work via being at home.

How are you filling yourtime with entertainment? Are you playing games? I love to see all of yourcreative tricks that you got.

The sky is the limits becauseit's the at home edition.

All right, thanks for watching.

I've got two videos here.

Oh, a really fun one right there.

And Subscribe right here.

I'm just gonna wait right here.

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