TODDLER NATURE PLAY | Outdoor activities and nature play ideas for young toddlers

[Music] [Music] hi guys I'm Karla I'm um – this total 21 month old here called fen and I post videos about Viet or their parent twice a week so make sure your some straight if you've not already in today's video we are at innovate on our daily walk

luckily we live very close to a forest and that's where we've been doing lots of a daily exercise that's really beautiful so we're going to be showing you some thick cavities we do while we're out on a daily walk and we're also going to be taking some things

back to do some craft activities at home which we'll be showing you later on in this video as well so make sure you stick around so let's go [Music] so the beauty of all of the activities that I'm going to do today with Finn is that you can

totally adapt them to whatever outdoor space you have we don't have a garden so the only outdoor team that we have at the moment is during our daily exercise but we are lucky enough to live really close to the forest but these activities can be recreated in your

garden and a local park even out and about in your neighborhood and just do what works for you [Music] one of the things they do is bring along a little glass jar with a handle and make it like a treasure jar sub-game can fill it with all of

the kinds of things he finds interesting and then we can use them for craft projects when we get back home so bad [Music] I [Music] sylvain is really loving his little jar if you don't have a jar like this at home you could also use a basket or

a bag or even a little bucket and he's loving collecting all of his little treasures petite calm like them and what do you have in your jar pink stakes what else leave [Music] so for the next thing 70 all you need is some tape I'm going to use

duct tape but you could use masking tape or stale a teeth whatever you have in the house so you just need to take a piece rip it off and put it around your toddler's arms so that they have a sticky bracelet oh you have a sticky home how

we're gonna add whatever you want to stick to it as a special treasure it's a lick if we want to stick our bitch doctor we just go you can stick a leaf [Music] and here is Ben's beautiful woodland Priestley [Music] another thing that we really love to do

is have a picture scavenger hunt so we have this neat trick from DK I really really read the picture books we have quite a few of them and they're really great for language development and for lots of different types of activities so we'll show up in one of

the pictures and then together we'll go and look for that thing if you don't have a neat trick like this you could also just use pictures that you've done or pictures from the internet and create your own little mini flash cards or scavenger hunt sheets and it's a

really great fun and we can all do it together here we've got some leaves do you think you could bring me a leaf it comes to me yeah I think stop bringing [Music] stop shall we look for a squirrel squirrel yeah as far as the scavenger hunt is

concerned it doesn't have to be squirrels and mace like what we see here in the width it could be a certain color of car or a traffic going I'm a final game is a very simple version of ice by obviously Ben is too small to know later yeah

he's just starting to take a nice colors so right now it's just that a game of recognition Whalley such a young toddler been hosted in space I spy with my little eye grass could you see something we're I spy with my little eye a field can you see

1 2 where yeah I spy with my little eye daddy can you see one take the I spy game is a favorite for us friend we actually need to get somewhere so now bends in the bagpipes because we're going to be at home and get dinner on and

so keep some really occupied when we're walking through the town and well he's just sitting still car do you see one two so it's no the next day and the weather today is not nearly as good as it was yesterday so I'm really glad that we were out

and made the most of it today we're going to be using some of the things that we collected yesterday for some crafts and activities and the first activity is just say up over here so I'm going to show you what that is nature smash activity so then has

got a little wind hammer here that's from one of his hammering toys and I've got a little ball of flowers that other people would consider it to be weeds the idea is that bins would have smashed them the colors will come off I will make some really nice

pictures [Music] so as you can see this doesn't make the most beautiful picture in the world but it is a process that Ben is really enjoying my next activity is honestly their easy stick tempted to say it up they actually did a version of this activity and my

language activities video which I uploaded last week so I'll link that below in case you want to check that out as well but I've got a Nietzsche talking basket so all I've done is take some of the things that being collected in this little glass jar yesterday some

of the things that I clicked it in the cloth bag and put them in a basket all we're going to do is have a chat about them some of them I know Ben already knows the words for some of them he doesn't and we're just going to explore

them together so as you can see is just filled with some separate simple things a feather an ivy leaf a dandelion leaf a daisy some moss oh look yeah we plop it in the water you don't leave one rate for what we take that with us when I

walk today yeah and pop it in the water okay ass back no a dog barks yes but a tree also has bark coin pain coin [Music] so my next activity is a very messy one but it is amazing for the toddlers ideally this will be done in an

outdoor space we don't have one unfortunately so we are going to do it on our kitchen floor I've put down a tablecloth and lots of all two tells so hopefully we will limit the damage I have failed lots of glasses with what are some of them with colored

water just water colored with green food coloring and we're going to make some Nietzsche portions and fill balls with all the things that we've collected and the idea of Spain can just play with the water and move them from jar to jar and explore all the different materials

so here's what I've set up for him I just have two bowls filled with some of the things that we collected some grass and flowers and I have lots of different a ball set I saw a little a cup a glass ball here with some deities in it

and some jars filled with water this one here is filled with water that to studies in green food coloring – and some of them kind of shuffled up leaves that we collected yesterday and then I also have some of these sticks they collected and there's jared just so

that you can use a nice spoons [Music] [Music] Ben has been exploiting this now for such a long time is so good for so many skills he's painting transmitting things from one container into another so it's an activity that he loves and the ivory love for his development

as well the aftermath looks a little bit like this which I don't think it's too bad today is fast becoming a very exhausting pains indeed baylin's been up since half perspired this morning he's just refused any form of lunchtime nap so he's going to be super exhausted and

cranky and I'm not really sure how many more organized activities are going to go over today but we will get our last you tell me to try in a minute right now really coffee Thomas has been really busy making it this amazing looking sourdough bread so we're really

looking forward to tucking into that at some point as well [Music] so the next activity is not for the faint-hearted involves peds and quite a lot of MIT but it is something that have been usually really enjoys so it is a nature printing activity essentially all of the

other settings some paint and some of the things that we've gathered on our walk yesterday so here's why I say tight for amateur printing I've picked my trusty tablecloth backhoe into my kitchen floor and I have taped some paper to the cloth using some masking tape I generally

find that this works really well because toddlers may be difficult to hold the paper and paint at the same time then you see you've put a range of the things that we collected yesterday and all things which I think will make pretty cool prints out for Ben I've

also made this little paintbrush using some grass or some twine and one of the twigs which I think should make some really interesting patterns and then I've got some natural colored peeps in the middle here normally I put his pins in jar so that we can reuse them

but obviously a jars can be a little bit narrow for dipping pinecones and things like that into so I've put it in some some balls but we've already used these plastic balls again for pin things as well [Music] Bennett's going straight in the bath because he was covered

from head to toe and pee you may be able to hear the shower going he really loves having a bath so this is another activity and itself Ben is really cranky this afternoon so he didn't lock that activity as much as I expected him to and as much

as we normally would by heath as toddlers the finished pictures though do look really cool this is one of Kinema arts and crafts hacks I have mentioned before other videos but putting them on a clotheshorse means that they dry really nicely and steal away as well and I

actually thinking about getting some frames just just cheap frames and put in some of this artwork inside for some family members so those are my ideas for tutti if you have other nineties things that you do when you're 8 in a bit with your toddler or class and

day and activities that you do with things that you collect please let me know down in the comments I would love some more inspiration and other ideas for things that we can do together today has been a bit of a struggle for us and I think that part

of that is to do with the fact that we have tried to do a lot of organized activities with Ben today in order to make this video normally we would only do one or two organized activities max mama naughty and he would have fee plea and and just

relaxing with his toys for the race of their the time so and don't feel under any pressure to do huge amounts of activities worth your toddler they are so happy and I think it's really good for them just entertaining themselves as well I thank you so much again

and we'll see you in our next video Ben you want to say bye bye way [Music] you

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