The Best Charging Cable of 2020 for iPhone & Android (HURRY – 1 DAY ONLY!)

it's the top tech deal of the month what's the fastest iPhone charger fastest Android charger fastest quick charge and universal charger hey guys I am the deal guy Matt granite welcome back to the channel if you love saving money please give this video a thumbs up subscribe and turn your notifications off this is the deal I guarantee you is gonna sell out quickly if you never want to miss another deal this is your place to make it happen so I'm sure you know that the iPhone cables and the Android cables and everything else we buy for our phone are complete ripoff highway robbery and half the time the cable stops working after three months two days and as I always tell the many people that I'm privileged enough to have watching me before you plug a dollar store or a gas station cable into your $1500 brand-new iPhone or $1, 000 Android or Samsung or Galaxy or whatever it is you're using you might want to think twice about that cables which come with your phone which are a ripoff are made by the manufacturer and there's a certification process that cables need to adhere to I'm gonna show you the cable today that can sustain more weight than you ever thought possible it also has the most ingenious design plus you can score one of these for 15 bucks rather than paying 40 or 50 or just a little bit less for something that's a piece of garbage so on that Stanley deals comm right now you're going to find all of my talk deals of the week and today's deal which is a 2-pack of cables for $29.

99 is a three and one charger an ingenious design which I'm going to show you I do use affiliate links which means I benefit monetarily if you're kind enough to use one of my links so thank you for that this is a universal cable so it's gonna work with your iPhone your iPad your Android and I'm going to show you how this compares to some of the other universal cables that I've tested so a universal cable generally means you've got one end that goes into USB and then the other end which works with micro USB iPhone Android lightning cable USB see sometimes and this is a good cable I bought but I hate the design because I've got all these things and when you need to quickly reach to charge something you're looking if it's at night or it's your nightstand or you just trying to figure out what goes where the ingenious design tied to this cable which is Apple MFI certified which will work with your iPhone charge it fast and efficiently and it's got USB C's charge a Chromebook a pixel so this is the design they go on top of each other so I can quickly flip this into USB C mode I'm gonna show you how this works or make this a lightning cable or a quick charge cable that I can use and then plug in also if you look at what came with your iPhone or your Android device they they break over time they Bend they're all still made of this subpar plastic material this is nickel-plated unbelievably durable it can actually sustain an incredible amount of weight and I'm going to show you how in addition to being tangle free this is what you want to buy now the same cable that I've used with the weights which actually does not have much of bend in it right now it's just kind of amazing I'm just going to show you very quickly how this works interchangeably with different devices so I'm gonna put this into one of my favorite power bank switches working and ready to go and let's do the iPhone charging first so I'm gonna put this in and then once it's in the phone I just want to make sure you have the correct connection established and you can see now it's charging this same cable can then be used obviously to charge an iPad pro this is the iPad pro right here it's charging it's already charged but it does recognize it obviously as an Apple MF I certified product as I mentioned and then this is completely dead but this Samsung device can now charge as well same cord right you're not searching for different cords if you and your significant other have different phones or there's different phones and use in your household that same charger that use the iPhone will now charge this phone perfectly and this is this is a dead bad boy but oh there it is it has recognized that there's now a charger plugged in I haven't used this in months so I'm sorry that took a few seconds for the demonstration you could use this in a MacBook or four different USB C powered devices in this case obviously my power bank is not going to charge my macbook but if you use this with a corresponding adapter that had the appropriate voltage this would be a phenomenal thing where you could use one able to charge all of your devices now I know you've seen this with 25 pounds of weight this is 35 I'm gonna lift this right now oh I can barely lift it but the cables can put us down how do people even work out oh my goodness that is ridiculous but you can see this cable is obviously not torn there is no Bend and one take we're not editing this I'm going to show you right now that this is working no trick cuts because I hate when people do that on YouTube still going all right same cable right here sorry just getting everything hands too much weight and not enough hands there we go that's in there let's plug this into the power bank of turn power bank on and charging same cable same weight in and out there you go whoo yeah so this PT metal braided jacket and the metal shell is probably one of the most durable versatile designs and well you're gonna find all sorts of Universal cables the fact that you can score one of these for 15 bucks today instead of $30 for one which is what it would typically cost makes this the best two pack so it's $29.

99 which scores you two and that deal which you can find on Matt's daily deals com is hands-down my top tech accessory deal right now I'm really excited to share that with you if you like this type of content again please feel free to give this video a thumbs up it lets me know that you're watching and I love that because I have no friends and this just makes me feel like I kind of do and feel free to subscribe and turn your notifications on so until we meet again happy savings and I love you bye bye.

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