The BEST Binds For ALL Non-Claw Controller Players! (Fortnite Settings PS4 + Xbox)

hey what is going on guys in this video today we're gonna be going over the best vines for every type of non claw controller play and the way we're gonna be doing that is by taking a look at ten different sets of binds from top controller probes to

ensure that every type of player is covered here we're gonna be looking at four sets of binds for non claw non paddle players since the majority of non claw players play like that then we're gonna look at two sets of binds each from one paddle to paddle and

four paddle players the only reason I didn't include any three paddle players is honestly because I can find a single pro level controller player that uses three paddles so I think it's a safe assumption that almost nobody plays like that time stamps will be on the screen for

each section and without further ado let's get right into it alright so we're gonna start with our non claw non paddle players and the first one is bully so starting off with a combat section a bully uses a slash X for jump a why slash triangle for pulling

out his pickaxe touchpad for edit and then everything else other than that is pretty much standard like B slash circle for switch mode and X slash square for re low then when we get into the editing section and the most important ones here are our two /rt to

select the squares while editing touch pad to confirm the edit and right stick slash r3 to reset any edits now normally using the same bind for edit and confirm a titillate bully does is a pretty significant disadvantage but he actually uses confirm added on release so it doesn't

really hurt him overall other than maybe touch pad edit those are very vanilla and sort of typical binds for non claw non paddle players the next note paddle player we're gonna look at is furious and his binds are a lot more unique so in the first section he

also uses touch pad edit he uses l3 slash left stick to jump our three slash right stick for switch mode a slash X's Crouch BA in B slash circle is repair and finally a why slash triangle to pull out pick ax so some of these binds are super

unorthodox but they're pretty much as optimized as possible for a non claw non paddle play jumping left stick means that he can jump a name at the same time which simply is impossible if you use a slash acts as your jump right and as weird as right stick

switch mode may see him on the surface that means that he can pull out his building menu while pre aiming his crosshair to where he wants the pieces to place and that obviously is impossible if you use the standard B slash circle now obviously the main negative here

is that crouching and fights would be really weird and probably borderline impossible to do but I'm sure he just doesn't really do that all that much then in the editing section he uses r2 /rt to select edit r1 /rb to reset them and then right stick slash r3

to confirm them so much more standard here but I do find it interesting that all three of his main binds used for editing are on the right side of his controller our third non claw non-tidal player is BH real Oh in the combat section he uses l3 slash

left stick edit or three slash right state for jump a slash X for crouch B slash circle for switch mode and for some reason he has left on the d-pad instead of Y for toggle pickaxe but who really cares about that so this is really similar to what

we just saw with furious the main difference is that he uses right stick for jump instead of left stick and I think the main reason for that is because since he's on Xbox he can't use touchpad edit so he needed his left stick for edit and therefore the

only stick left for jumping was right stick they also both share that kind of uncommon a sigh Jack's Crouch mine that I talked about here as well and then when we get into the editing section again more plain here RT / r2 to select the edits LT /

l2 to confirm them and then or B / r1 to reset them the fourth and final non claw non paddle player is wavy Jakob in the combat section he uses a three slash left stick for edit his jump in his a slash X switch mode his circle size

be a toggle pickaxes Y / triangle and he has opening the map bound to his touch path and then when you go into the edit section of the binds he selects this whereas while editing with Artie /r – he confirms with LT /l – and he resets with

R 3 / right stick so when it comes to playing non Claude paddle there are basically two main options you can either just keep jump on a slash X and leave with the disadvantages it brings you or you can switch it to either left or right thumbstick and

the four non claw non paddle players we looked at here were evenly split – – between those two options so it really just comes down to how much you care about the game and if you're willing to go that extra mile to learn a totally new set of

bonds when it comes to the editing binds though non claw non paddle isn't really any different than non claw with paddles if you're on Xbox most people are gonna use left stick at it and if you're on ps4 you can either use left stick or touchpad at it

they're both strong options most players will use our two /rt to select at it our b / r1 or right stick / r3 are the most popular reset and it binds and then for confirm LT / l2 is probably the most common option but our b Sychar 1

+ right stick / r3 are also very viable as well the next type of binds that we're gonna cover our one paddle buttons and i'm gonna try to sort a breeze through these because I think one paddle binds are by far the most simple so the first one

paddle player that we're gonna cover is hard fine he uses left stick / l3 edit a slash X jump Y size triangle for his pickaxe and then pretty much everything else in this section is standard and what's also standard is the fact that is one paddle is bound

to jump it's really as simple as this if you're only gonna use one paddle you definitely want to bind that paddle to your jump line there's really no other option that's even gonna come close to helping you as much as paddle jumping dots and then in the editing

section hard find uses are to /rt to select edits or one size RB to reset them and then B slash circle to confirm it then the other one paddle binds I'm gonna include in here are my own because I think they're about as standard as possible I use

left stick / l3 at why size triangle for toggle pickaxe and then a slash axe for jump but as I mentioned that's obviously bound to a path then for the Edit control section I use LT / L – to reset at it RT / R 2 to select

edits and then R B / R 1 to confirm edits so like I alluded to no crazy binds whatsoever because I typically like to keep things as simple as humanly possible so moving on to the to paddle players which based on my research of controller pros actually seems

to be the most common amount of paddles our first to paddle player is coop and his binds are actually a pretty vanilla as a whole he uses left stick / l3 to edit a / X to jump and Y size triangle for his pickaxe and this seems like

a good point to mention that he uses a lower left side paddle for jump so a / X and then a lower right side paddle for switch mode so B / circle then in the editing section he uses RT / R to to select edits or B /

r1 to reset at it and then B / circle to confirm at it but he also uses edit on release so his confirmed by and probably isn't used all that much the other to paddle player on our list is plow lism he uses left stick / l3 to

edit a / ax to jump why size triangle to pull out his pickaxe and then everything else here is pretty standard speaking of standard he uses left side paddle for jump and his right side paddle for switch mode aka pulling out his building menu so literally the exact

same to paddle set up as coupe and in the editing section uses RT / r2 to select edit LG / l – to confirm them and then right snake / r3 to reset it so based on these results it definitely seems like the best to paddle setup is

to make sure one of your paddles is bound to your jump button and the other paddle is bound to switch mode now let's get into the binds for players they use for paddles the first for paddle player that we're gonna be looking at is Collazo and keep in

mind these binds might look a little weird until you know as paddles so uses B size circle to edit a / X to jump X / square for switch mode y size triangle for crouch and then left stick / el34 toggle pickaxe so with his four paddles the

two on the left side of his control are bound to jump in edit and then the two on the right side are bound to switch mode and crouch / confirm it so that's kind of a preview of what you'll see here in the editing section he uses our

two /rt to select L 2 / LT to reset and then Y size triangle to confirm but again that's bound to a patent then our other 4 paddle player is a V he uses touch pad to edit and no that's not a mistake he plays on a ps4

controller but uses Xbox input so that's why you see an Xbox controller then he uses a / X for jump B / circle for Crouch left on the d-pad for switch mode and finally toggle pickaxe is left stick / l3 for his four paddles his left – our

jump and reload and then his right to our switch mode and then crouch / confirm is editing binds our RT / R – to select our B / r1 to reset and then B sized circle to confirm but again bound to a patent so for as crazy as

for paddle binds may look Collazo and AV use mostly the same things when it comes to the four paddles they both use one for jump switch mode and crouch / confirm edit the only difference is that colosso uses fourth panel for edit and AV uses his for reload

so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you watch the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down the comment section below let me know whether you're a non claw non paddle player or a non claw player with paddles be sure to

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