Tested From Home: Kayte Sabicer's Projects!

hey there all you cool cats and kittensthis is Kate with tested and here's another edition of tested from home asyou can see I'm in my home studio right now terribly missing all of myco-workers but try to do what I can to get through this be productive stay saneso

I thought I'd walk you through some of the projects I've been looking at nowthe first thing I want to say is if you aren't feeling up to doing projects orif you're feeling any kind of guilt about how little you've accomplishedplease don't you need to know that however you

handle this is the right wayI personally was sick for the beginning of lockdown so for about three or fourweeks I did nothing I was in bed once I felt up to it the first thing I startedyou was something that made me feel productive but was really low impact

sothe the best idea I had was I had a bunch of these which are watercolorpostcards so you can see on the back they have a place to put your addressand your message on the front it's a watercolor paper that you can putwhatever you want on so I have

been setting up a station on my living roomcoffee table and again I'll put on a movie or a TV show I'll zone out paintand whatever I have done in two hours is is what I send out in the mail it's beena great way to keep some stability and

structure in my life as well and so farI've been getting a few responses people have been receiving them they'restaggered since I do them daily but it's been it's been a real treat seeingpeople's faces now the next project I tried again as away of just doing something super low-impactboosting

morale you know we recently had a holiday and sometimes it's hard todistinguish one day from another so I wanted to find a way to like make this amore fun day so I laser cut out some Easter eggs so Itook some i laser cut out some egg shapes and

justdid like as you can see these aren't masterpieces they're just fun withmarkers I don't feel like having to deal with paint you know in my living room sojust having fun with them another project that I got going this was thefirst one that was sort of a bigger project

for me um I have pets and Idon't know if anybody else does I hope you do they've been keeping me wonderfulcompany doing this time so this nasty-looking thing is a catscratcher and as you can see it has been very well-loved in my household this isa fun pie-in-the-sky project

again just more out of curiosity to see if I coulddo it so um went in a computer and designed out just a basic I call it afigure 8 infinity maybe um shape and started cutting up all the cardboardboxes I could find that fit the parameters of this size

and shape solots of crawling around on the living room floor slicing the boxes into theright shape and then cutting them and so this is my current stack that I havegoing and as you can see so this was this was quite a lot of boxesunfortunately this size limit too

so sometimes you really can't use some ofthe smaller boxes that come um and if you compare it to the real deal you willsee that um we're a little ways off basically this is a bit more to do Ihave some more blanks ready to cut but it's gonna take

me a while it's gonna bean ongoing project and again it's just more about like hey I've got this stuffthat I normally was gonna be throwing away and anything I can do to reusesomething and again make make something for a creature that I love a lot I thinkif that

is a fun project to try now the last project that I think I'm going tojump into I was inspired by I Reece we posted online about a repair shopwhich is a British show that I've been loving on Netflix um and it kind ofinspired me to fix some things

around the house which i think is a great wayto keep busy especially things you just been putting off and putting off andputting off I think I have a tile on my bathroom sink that has been falling offfor quite a while now I should probably get around to gluing

that back in placebut in the meantime I have here a vase I know if you just heard thatthere's some clanking things inside of it because wah wah uh-ohthe day that I bought this beautiful vase from a local craft market I wentoutside set down my bag and when I

looked down the bag justspell right over and just broke this so literally like standing outside theplace that I bought it um and I was heartbroken and I was frustrated and Iwas just so like over it and I put it away and I haven't looked at it in quitea

while but right now I think I'm inspired to finally tackle this projectI contacted a friend of mine who is an amazing ceramicistand I said you know I've used a lot of glues what should I use she said youknow some people use e6000 people are thrown off by the

porous nature of theclay she said but when I found that works is simply sign or accuratelysuperglue uh and Lord knows I've got a lot of that and I know how to use it soI think that that's what I'm gonna try next I encourage anybody with anunfinished project why

not take this time it's all bonus time basically againonly if you're feeling mentally up for it stable and in a place where you wantto be productive something else that's really simple um is painting your nailspampering yourself treating yourself doing something fun well these are justa few of my

projects that I'm keeping busy with I'm I'm figuring out whatworks for me and I really hope that you at home are able to find out what worksfor you to you you want to see any updates on any ofthese projects I've been working on I'll try to start posting

some I've beendoing time lapses of some of these things I hope that you all are safe andhappy and productive and I wish the best for everyone stay tuned for some moretested at home videos coming up bye

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