Republican Insider: You Can't Underestimate How Dumb Trump Is

>> Right-wingers and Trump allies are preparingfor their next meal ticket and they're realizing that hey, you know what, maybe Donald Trumpis not going to get reelected.

And maybe we need to plan for that.

You know, what is our next grift gonna be? And yes, you're seeing a picture of LauraIngraham because she's one of the top grifters.

And does not care about how much her misinformation, disinformation, and grifting destroys the country.

So what did get Gabriel Sherman over at VanityFair learn through his sources? Well, apparently the widow of Roger Ailes, her name is Elizabeth.

Posted some sort of dinner recently at herfancy mansion.

And at that event was Laura Ingraham.

And she allegedly said, we have to be preparedfor Trump losing.

Ingraham told her dinner companions accordingto the source.

Perhaps anticipating that Fox News could pivotin a post-Trump media environment.

Ingraham said she's been in talks to takeover for Rush Limbaugh, who recently revealed his stage four lung cancer might force himoff the radio.

Laura is really interested in Rush's job, a person close to Ingram said.

Also, Donald Trump is still planning on holdingan in-person republican convention in Jacksonville, Florida, even though Coronavirus is a disasterin this country and now the number of Coronavirus deaths is increasing.

And it turns out that there are a number ofRepublican senators who are like, nope, we're not going.

It's unsurprising that Mitt Romney announcedthat he would not attend.

But also on that list, we have Lisa Murkowskiand Susan Collins.

>> Okay, this story has two amazing components.

One you already mentioned Anna, Laura theyare super cold-blooded.

Rush Limbaugh, my dear, dear friend and ally.

He's got stage four cancer does he? Let me finish him.

Is someone close to Laura Ingraham? So, someone who likes her and is on her side, said Laura is really interested in Rush's job.

And it got no sense of morality at all.

Imagine one of us is dying and someone elseat TYT is angling for their position.

My God, that would be unreal.

That would be unthinkable, right? For them, it's a matter of course, he's almostdead, God give me his job.

You're just the most vicious people you'veever met.

Okay, now the second part of it, and I lovethis.

They cannot get through to Trump.

So I love every one of these stories.

So he saved commuting Roger Stone's sentencebefore he has to report to jail on July 14.

And every single advisor, including Bill Barr, is saying don't.

Don't do it! In fact, quote, according to a senior sourceat the White House, Barr has told Trump not to do it.

And if he does, there will be a mutiny atthe Department of Justice, okay? But he will not listen.

So even when the guy you hired to help youbreak the law says don't do this one.

Maybe you should be a little worried.

But here comes my favorite quote, republicanclose to the White House said quote, you can't underestimate how hard it is to get informationthrough to him.

Okay, he continued, when you talk to him hejust talks at you.

He doesn't like to read memos, so there isnot really a way to get through to him, everyone agrees, okay? But think about that.

That's amazing.

They're like he doesn't read and he won'tlet you talk.

We literally cannot get him information.

We cannot communicate to him.

We can't convince him of anything cuz he hasbuilt a wall around himself.

And so they can't convince him to do anythingrational cuz he won't listen.

It's amazing, he's such a buffoon.

By the way, it's all the right-wingers whoin the comment section are always you guys lost to him.

I agree with you brothers and sisters.

Every time I think about how stupid he is, I think the Democratic establishment, Hilary Clinton, and all those people who think they'reso goddamn smart lost to this jackass.

>> And it's always a fruitless effort andI should never do it but whenever I get baited or sucked in into some sort of debate withthe right-winger on social media, their comeback is always like, yeah, but Obama did this andthat.

It's like, yeah, yeah, you're right, hereis a video from seven years ago when we called Obama out for doing that.

Whoa, it's actually very liberating to bean honest person who doesn't feel a ridiculous loyalty to a party, right? When you actually care about, objectives, and goals, and making the country better.

And you don't really care about being on ateam and fitting in.

It's just incredible.

How can anyone defend Donald Trump at thispoint? I don't understand still at this late stage, 80% of Republican voters support Donald Trump.

But that number did dip from somewhere inthe 90s around 96%.

>> Alright, one last fun little dessert herefor you guys.

So no one can agree who should run the campaignanymore because Trump has lost faith in Parscale.

But everybody also knows he's gonna throwthe next guy under the bus.

Everybody knows it's actually Trump.

That's patient zero.

He's the real problem.

So people kind of want the glory of beinga campaign manager.

And that comes with a lot of hype and you'llget jobs for the rest of your life, but it's a miserable place to be.

So people are saying well, why don't we justgive it to Jared? He does every job in the White House anyway, he's already president.

Why don't we just let them do this one.

So they're trying to push out Jared Kushnerto go over to the campaign for the White House.

A source so close to Jared Kushner, they usedthe word I, said, quote, if I go to the campaign Trump might not let me back into the WhiteHouse.

Gee, I wonder who that source is.


So, apparently, Jared Kushner is like, I'mnot taking that job, there's no way we're gonna win.

So I don't want to be anywhere near that disaster.

And I'll stay behind the scenes of the WhiteHouse.

Look I hope that their viciousness hurts thembecause they do to each other what they've done to the rest of us.

And just constantly stab each other in theback until they're all bleeding out politically.

And Trump gets humiliated in the way thatwe hope and believe he will in the election.


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