Makita 36 Volt Gardening and Outdoor Power Equipment Demo

G'day Paul here from Get Tools Direct hereand today were going to be running through anddemonstrating the range of Makita 36 volt outdoor power equipment.

All you need to runthese tools are two eighteen-volt lithium ion batteries and it'll run all the toolswere going to use today and you'll see how simple it is.

You just take two batteriesand transfer from tool to tool.

The tools we're going to be running through are theDUR32LZ brushless motor line trimmer, the DLM380Z lawn mower, the DUH551 hedge trimmer, the DUC2502 chainsaw, and to clean up after all the works done before we have a beer we'llbe using the DUB361 blower.

So the shops not the best area to be starting up mowers andso forth, so what we're going to do is jump out in the garden.

I'm ready to get dirty.

Let's go.

Good day.

Paul from Get Tools Direct heretoday talking about the new Makita 36 volt brushless motor lawn trimmer, the DUR362LZ.

What we'll do is actually run through all of the features on the unit, then we're goingto actually use the unit.

As you can see it's a bit ruddy around here, so we're going tofix that right up.

So we'll get into, eh? So I'm just going to run you through the featuresof the Makita brushless motor 36 volt lawn trimmer, the DUR362LZ.

As you can see we'vegot two 18 volt batteries whacked onto the back of the machine.

Two 18 volt batteriescreates a 36 volt circuit so you've got 36 volt power.

You can actually use 3 amp hour, 4 amp hour or 5 amp hour batteries on the machines.

The bigger the amp hour, the longerthe tool runs, it's that simply, okay? When you want to check how much power you've gotleft you've got a nifty little power indicator, just give that a tap there and in this caseit's telling me it's got full power.

That's good, because as you can see, it's a bit ruddyaround here, so we're going to need a lot of power to get through that, okay? Obviouslyit's a machine, a brushless motor machine, being more efficient on the batteries so whatthat means is more work, less battery changes, all right? Obviously another feature we cansee is this nifty little dial–it's your variable speed function.

If you want to be nice andgentle and you've got soft grass and you want to just give it a little tickle you can whackit back to nice and soft and work away.

In our case, we're going to need full power orrabbit and once you crank it up it'll give you full power.

So we're just going to runthrough some more features on the DUR362LZ today.

So you just turn the machine on byits little on button there, okay.

Now if you get grass tangled around your head, when youwork with petrol you have to put it down, untangle the head.

All you do with this machine, flick it unto reverse, give the trigger a little squirt, and that'll actually reversethe grass off the head, meaning you don't have to touch it.

Once you've done that youjust flick it on and away you go again.

Okay, it's obviously got the strap on it, whichI'm going to be using today to save my back, love loop handle as well as your bump head, bump feed obviously meaning you just give it a little tap when the machine is operatingand it'll feed more line automatically so you don't have to touch the head.

So we'rejust going to use the bump feed head to make sure we've got the line set correctly andthen we're going to cut an edge.

Let's give it a rip.

Turn it on, line's done, let's cut.

So we're just going to test the machine, a little bit heavier stuff now to show you whatit can handle.

We'll give it a bump feed, then we'll rip into some heavy grass.


Oh, that was beautiful, like a hot knife through butter.

I've still got somepower left in my batteries.

I might go out and do some mowing.

Let's go.

So I've finishedwhipper-snipping.

Time to mow.

Apply one there, We're ready to mow.

Let's go.

Okay, so wefinished whipper-snipping, we're now going to mow.

Obviously we've transferred our two4 hour amp 18 volt batteries into our DLM380Z mower.

It's obviously got this fantastic safetyhousing, keeping any dust, dirt, grass away from the batteries and you've got the redsafety key.

No red safety key in, no mower go, okay, so a fantastic safety function.

Obviously you've got your height adjustment for your mower.

This mower will do 25 up to75 mil cut.

Okay, so once you've got them in there, I'm checking my batteries, my batteryindicator–they're still full–so let's do some mowing.

So we're ready to mow.


It'snot working.

That's because I haven't done the correct safety procedure.

Red safety buttonin, pull the handle, and away we go.

So the mowing's done, but my little friend here seemsto be in the way, so I think I might deal with that.

Let's do it.

So I finished themowing and I noticed I've got a little bit of problem with a little lilly pilly backthere, so I'm going to transfer my batteries from my mower to my hedge trimmer and gethedge trimmin'.

So what you do, the same as usual, take that out, right in the back there, that's 18, and now we've got 36 volt so let's rip into some hedge trimming, eh? So, mowing'sdone.

Time to tend to my little friend lilly pilly behind me with the DUH551Z hedge trimmer.

Got both my batteries straight out of my mower, straight onto the bottom of my unit.

I'llget rid of my safety unit around the blade so we don't do any damage to our blade whenit's in storage.

Basically, the features on the unit, we've got a locking button on topof the machine so even if you're trying to use it if it's in lock you won't be able touse it.

That's a great safety function.

So you flick it to unlock.

You can't use theunit unless you depress the front safety feature, so you can't obviously use it one-handed forall you silly buggers out there.

Push that in, pull the handle, she's away and racing.

Another little feature, which you wouldn't even hardly notice is that if you pull thislittle black lever up you can rotate this so that you can use the machine up and downlike I'm going to in a second.

You can also rotate that to five different positions, sofor those of you who like using different positions this one is for you.

So let's ripinto some hedge-trimming, eh? So we've got our batteries on, we're ready to rock androll here and cut some hedges.

All we're going to do is pull up our little black lever ontop of the machine, rotate the unit 90 degrees, hear it click in there, let's rip into somehedges.

It's like cutting a turkey at Christmas.

So we're done hedge-trimming, but I've gotto tend to my little friend here at the front that's been getting in the way of my mowingfor ages, hitting me in the noggin.

So what I'm going to do, this is the 36 volt DUC252Zchain saw.

Whip our batteries off our hedge trimmer.

It's that easy.

Two 18 volts makesa 36 volt circuit and we're ready to rock and roll.

So I've got a few limbs I need totake off, make it a little more easy to mow around under the tree so I'm going to usethe Makita DUC252Z 36 volt chain saw.

Obviously we've got two 18 volt batteries on the backend, creating 36 volt power.

We've got your oil reservoir, the oil glass.

Keep in mindit's a cordless tool, normal chain saws your fuel and oil as well as your barrow in atthe same time.

You're going to have to keep your eye on that because if you run out, nooil means it's not to cut as well.

You've got your lanyard clip underneath here.

Alsounderneath, we've got our oil adjustor.

So if you do need a little more oil, if you'recutting really dry hardwood timber you can adjust it to let a little bit more oil outand she'll slip on in, not a problem.

10 inch bar, obviously as well we've got a chain break.

Click that on, the machine will work.

If it does kick back on you, it comes toward you, it's going to stop like that and that stops the chain moving so you don't do any injuryto yourself.

So, uh.

I think I'm going to get cutting.

Safety first.



So I finished cutting with my chain saw, my trees are all done.

It's time to clean upwith the blower and I'm going to use, obviously, the 36 volt Makita DUB361Z.

As per usual, 18 volt batteries, two of them, come straight off the chain saw straight onto the blower, ready to rock and roll.

It's a high and low gear item so you can have high speed or lowspeed.

On and off switch, battery indicators and a little hanger for hanging her up inthe shed when she's done.

So I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get blowin'.

Let'srip into it.

So we're getting cleaned up, eh? Well, that's job done.

This has been Paul, Get Tools Direct.

Jump on our web site and check out the Makita 36 volt range.

I don'tknow about you, but it's time for a beer.

Let's go.

Good day, Paul at Get Tools Direct here.

Justfinished off our gardening work with a Makita 36 volt garden range.

All I've used is two18 volt batteries all day, haven't touched a fuel can, there's been no smoke and I'veloved that part of it.

The other part is the tools are extremely quiet.

The only loud thingabout them is the person using them.

That's funny.

The other thing I've noticed is I'mnot going to have to maintain any of this equipment.

I've got no oil to changes, I'vegot no spark plugs, virtually maintenance free.

So if you're chasing a very easy system–that'sright, easy system–to do your gardening with check out the 36 volt outdoor power equipmentrange on GetToolsDirect.


au and get gardening.


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