Living Outdoors in The Sims 4: Tips, Funny Moments and Experiences

There are a lot of ways to play a sandboxgame, and Living outdoors has some very large benefits to the player in The Sims 4, onein particular being that no one can call you a bad builder, because you haven't built anything! When you look at it, having a structure caneat up a lot of your money.

This prevents you from having actual nicethings for a while, like a rocket ship or a lovely yet useless koi pond.

You've got to grind one of the actual moneymaking skills and rough it until you're suddenly bringing in so much money nothing mattersany more.

It's been a staple of the franchise to makehomeless Sims or attempt to live without a home, and the game facilitates that very nicelywith how far into development we are.

With a whopping 12 total game and expansionpacks many of us have some neat objects to take advantage of to make this more realistic.

Basically everything works outside exceptclimate control.

Because you're out on a lawn, there is nodoor to your home and visitors can start using your stuff without permission and how youhandle needs can be different if you want it to be.

Those things in mind, we do have to contendwith the weather if we have Seasons and both types of temperature extreme can kill Sims.

I chose the heat by starting in Oasis Springsin Summer where I'd also expect less inconvenient rain and more heat waves.

I wanted it to be a bit of a challenge, butit's irresistible to abuse some mechanics and objects and make things cozy despite thoseinconveniences.

First there's the 'Loves the Outdoors' trait, which immediately makes your Sim happy when outside to the tune of +2, which is reallyoverpowered.

Outdoor Retreat brought us tents.

There are bushes in Jungle Adventure you canuse to avoid putting a real toilet inside a tiny room, peeing in bushes to relieve yourSim.

However they get stinky so a smarter personthan me wouldn't put them so close to the eating area.

Campfires and coolers offer means of eatingwithout a fridge, though you could of course eat fresh harvested produce from the bushesand trees on public lots.

You're even able to roast fish if you catchsome though eating produce seems to be a faster way to fill your hunger, and you can of coursegrow your own and supply a modest income with even basic blackberries.

There's even an outdoor shower, but no goodif you want to clean a dog so I got this outdoorsy-looking tub because the game won't let me bathe ina kiddie pool.

Not even the dog, but c'mon that is definitelysomething people do I'm not hallucinating having seen that.

Arf here is aggressive and a hunter, so herandomly finds gifts for my Sim.

It turns out he actually searches the peebushes to find items, gets in fights with squirrels and skunks.



but he comes up witha few hundred simoleons worth of feathers when he jumps in.

Combining 12 unique types of these will makea bird statue, and I have no idea what it even does now given I barely remember howthings worked in cats and dogs due to a potential midlife crisis.

The bee box from Seasons is very handy ifyou want to avoid death to extreme weather, just about the only thing that can stop you.

A heat wave in Oasis Springs can be endurableif you use the honey strategically.

It gives a buff that prevents the negativeeffects of temperature and makes you happy too.

You can of course replenish your Sim withthis as well and sell it, if you happen to build up a big stock.

You can live off honey entirely but it getsboring fast.

Fun can be had lounging in the pool, or watchingthis crazy dog Arf attack a Sim then proceed to crap right on the sidewalk in this richsuburb.

Andy House and Arf Rarfrarf are bringing uncensorednature back to the neighborhood.

You gotta try new things sometimes.

Every time I play I go after a TV and computer, or an easel and don't endure any weird problems like a stinky dog that got sprayed by a skunkor a burnt arm from lighting a campfire.

My Sim's mood is always high and he's cozywhile I'm sometimes bored.

I want to worry pet CPS will take my dog orI'll set my only living adult on fire trying to roast a goldfish.

Vlad cannot obstruct my ability to roast marshmallowsin my home because I don't let him in, but here you see the desirable frustration thiscreates, along with finding out that the leashed dog is actually the problem and I could bechatting about vampire stuff with Vlad the whole time.

Little setbacks like that mean a bit morewhen you're living on the lawn.

Homes are cozy and all but in designing themwe feel a need to emulate actual architecture with large rooms or separate walls, unnecessarythings like windows and wall finishings, as it just looks stupid to have everything inone big room.

So we spend more of that precious startingcash making a structure where we can't even really live like we want yet.

THIS is living.


You just plop down what you need and admirehow awful it all looks but know your Sim's needs are met if everything goes OK.

You can aimlessly pursue no goals and livea very realistic life like this.

I wasted money on a rocket yeah, but I thoughtI'd survive a while just collecting and see how it'd work out for my Sim with the dog'shelp.

The bummer thing is, collecting is an OK wayto make money but not riches.

But maybe the stories that come up can bethe point, not getting wealthy all over again.

I laughed more making this video than I hadin a while because of how goofy everything looked and how badly it turned out.

I spawned the dumbest possible dog and he'sa good boy for entertaining me even if she's a girl.

I didn't know Arf's gender until the end andI'm OK with that.

The game's come a long way and the optionsare much more open depending which packs you own.

I think at first you couldn't even eat freshproduce.

Your options for sleeping outside would bea bench in the park.

That's an entirely different playstyle thanI got into here.

This video was very much experimental as it'snot my typical style, but I figure every now and then I'll share my thoughts on the gamein a format similiar to this one.

Thank you all for watching and have a greatweekend.


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