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okay so caucus sama love is war season two is wrapping up and is looking to be one of the best rom coms to come out in recent memory but even though it's one of the best it's also one of the worse mostly because what the hell are you

doing here I'm doing my takia video your Kaguya video loser this is my Kaguya video nori the framing says otherwise and also besides I'm pretty sure that was me saying the intro which is you know the thing the person doing the video does so yeah thanks Captain Obvious

but um I was supposed to do this video I kind of called dibs on this like months ago mind you I even have the proof on film I want to like do a video essay about white chica is like the truest MVP and animate let me know in

the comments if you want that oh no you poor thing you can't read can you that's awful because the title clearly doesn't have chicas name in it besides then you just do a video about love um I'm pretty sure you did too and last time I checked you

almost cried it was like four one six of the video and what does that have to do with anything it wasn't even during the love session so I brought you both on because you know kaio-sama has two leaves and you know it would be super cool to have

both of you on like is AMA so you're like the two leads get it fine bring me the stool okay so if there's one thing that we can agree on about romance anime it's that kagyu Samet love is war is the best worst romance anime worst in a

sense that in terms of any romance story there's no way that two characters continuously almost confessing to each other and still not being together after almost two seasons should be entertaining yet somehow it still manages to be such a great show and not despite this but mostly because

of it we can't recommend it enough but if that's not enough to convince you then maybe having a list of reasons with two opinions will after all this is an anime about two different perspectives ah Curtis since you already stole my intro allow me to give the first

reason dude you literally interrupted me doing I you know it's fine okay all right go ahead all right Thank You Tommy sama love this war is a very smart anime coffee Osama lovest war is also a very stupid anime now I know what you're thinking Dori you fabulous

cute adorable demon girl what does that even mean you're really gassing yourself up on right at the beginning of the video I mean well wouldn't you too if you were also a cute fabulous adorable demon girl maybe okay we're just gonna roll with it that's fine okay whatever

anyways first starters the writing and comedic timing on the show are always incredibly sharp from its quick-witted dialogue to its definite like mind game scenarios however these scenarios in question are the dumbest game situations that I have ever heard of I'm always thinking of that scene where Kaguya

M Yuki tried to get the other one to open their umbrella first on a rainy day and how far they go to get the other to break what should play out as a cute scene from a common romance anime Trobe ends up feeling more like a matter of

life and death and if you want to learn more about said romance anime trope I just did a whole video about it yes it was incredibly painful for me but we're not gonna talk about that yeah any we plug the slow buildup of the dramatic music be intense

facial expressions and the addition of the hilariously deadpan narrator I'll make the scene completely back absurd to watch kavya pierces the tires of her own family's car in order to get her plan of sharing the umbrella to work who goes that far for something so petty it's so

dumb and that's why it's so genius the best part is every single scenario plays out the same way as this one with the same level of intensity since the two leads are shown to both clearly be very smart every one of their schemes is so well thought out

to a rather concerning degree I'm talking more well thought out than a danganronpa murder gets convoluted the amount of time Kaguya puts into planning something like making an absurdly large cake simply because she wants me to be happy that she remembered his birthday is like beyond ridiculous and

in the end she's just stuck with an absurdly large cake that she could probably feed to the entire school or just Topeka I guess she would probably devour an entire wedding cake speaking of chica don't even get me started on the Miyuki chica plotlines I don't think I've

ever laughed harder at an anime than when I watched me Yuki repeatedly smack himself in the face while trying to spike a volleyball I am not even that stupidly pathetic and I was always picked last in gym class season 2 is a similar plot line except this time

nuki can't sing and he shows that he's not just a bad singer he's a really bad singer his voice even causes the paintings on the wall to frown and shame and that's the beauty of the show – watching these hyper competent people be super good at everything except

dating and volleyball I guess and singing – but yeah that's what I mean by so stupid that it's smart dumb scenarios previous execution a perfect recipe for a great comedy mwah and a while on the subject of comedy the floor is yours the floor was always mine you

weren't supposed to be here but whatever first things first kaga silent lovers war is more of a comedy than a romance weird take I know I'm not sure how much com needs to be in the ROM to be a rom-com but for now I'm going to say that

this is less of a romance with comedy elements and more of a comedy with romance elements which makes it the best worst romantic comedy confused very good listen like any good anime rom-com chicag it has funny moments although I think kaga does them a bit better than most

like when Shiva smiles then beats the shit out of you she got me with a folded up newspaper when kaga implied that Miyuki does it's with his sister all the time I have a feeling these incredibly dumb yet self-aware jokes aren't staples of the rom-com genre but maybe

that's just me and when it comes to its romance there's more of a comedy to it because the show focuses less on the progression of these two characters getting together like a regular show and more on the lack of that progress see kaga is full of moments of

the two protagonists being too scared to confess trying to get the other to confess not knowing how to approach the other two a highly exaggerated level like when they tried talking to each other but instead walk past each other five times and turn into airplanes again exaggerated or

like when cago was trying to figure out if the president was a boxer brief wearing man-whore a long story but because of a misunderstanding he ended up screaming out his love for black panties in front of Miko who's Miko is all of us and we all have to

bear witness to this absurdity and that's the show for 22 minutes which is ironic because it's pretty anti-romance to see two people not be together for the entire thing but it works because this whole thing is hilarious because it's relatable there's nothing more relatable than being confused about

love then the show exaggerate this relatability to make these incredible moments and that's how a lot of comedy works at least that's how I think it works I'm not a comedy expert y'all probably should have had a boy do this we already have two hosts why not get

in the third whose mega crowded it's like when you're on Twitter and you come across a how watching subbed anime be and each time the guy looks away it jumps 36 episodes obviously this isn't how it works but this exaggerated take makes it much funnier a lot funnier

then someone explaining to you why things are funny my back I don't like how you just did yes don't having a great time yeah kaga is built less like a long-term story of two people destined to be together and more like like tick-tock which sounds like an insult

but it really were in this case it's a lot of quick instances of exaggerated relatable moments that people can't get enough of sure it doesn't have the depth of maybe toradora at times but the county makes up for it tenfold okay okay now I'm done you can you

can go now don't worry what was that sorry I was taking a siesta siesta that you just interrupted me all right you know it's fine go ahead do your section thanks Kurt all right now we've been talking a lot about Kaguya and Miyuki so far and it's well

deserved because as far as rom-com couples though they're both really strong and they have amazing chemistry the supporting cast however should also have a light shined on them because they are amazing as well as some of you may remember from our 2019 Year in Review video I was

planning on making an entire video about my favorite Kaos waifu chika once season 2 started but then mother's basement kind of beat me to it it's a great video so check it out but anyway instead I'm just gonna gush about her a bit in here if that's okay

you are literally about to do the video it's not the video that's not what we're talking about here are you done can I go please I need this I need I need this I need this I need this I need this I need this I fucking love chica

she may be viewed by her friends as ditzy and oblivious but if you ask me chica is a wildly powerful young lady season 2 edition Miko Eno says it herself on top of being popular among her peers chica is a damn Renaissance woman she's an award-winning pianist she

knows five languages and she can rap better than anyone else on Nick Cannon's wild now I have a feeling you haven't seen a single episode of Nick Cannon's while I know not a single episode I don't know why you use that as a reference is that why you

picked it yes she's also that perfect little dose of chaos needed to shake up the dynamic between Kaguya and Miyuki for as smart as the student council president and vice president are I would be lying if I said that they also embarrassingly predictable people if not for chica

would we have been blessed with the conclusion of that infamous umbrella scene would we not have gotten to see which both Kaguya and Miyuki look like in cat ears I think you can all say thank you Queen chica and I know you guys would never let me get

away with not also mentioning your favorite boy you ishigami if chica is supposed to bring the chaos then ishigami serves to balance that chaos every comedy needs a character who's gonna be that guy you know what I'm talking about the butt monkey the nerd with no social skills

the guy who says the worst at the worst time and gets his just desserts right after so me on getting the robot exactly now you're learning Kurt I really am the butt monkey I don't like everyone talks me into me in videos no respect of the channel he

may not be someone that you want to hang out with in real life but watching him an anime is great because you can laugh both at him and with him his gloomy personality in tandem with the rest of the cast's more cheery personalities adds another layer to the

character dynamics his feelings on romance haven't always been the most positive so watching him observe the two leaves antics with a cynical point of view creates some great comedic moments it's also really fun to watch him and chika argue or her beat him with newspaper my favorite part

as I said it already the dead still can we play it again can we rewind Jacob [Music] nothing like small girl beats the shit out of man that's just like yes to solid you I spoke too soon it's not that funny in this season we're starting to see

some other characters get fleshed out like new girl Ino and hayasaka no hayasaka is so much more than simply Cogley is made she has her own feelings and perspectives and more often than not they clash with Caguas showing us truly how ridiculous Cogley is line of thinking can

be I cannot wait to see how Ino continues to get fleshed out because so far she's such an adorable addition let's face it if the show is just about our main duo then it wouldn't be nearly as fun or memorable as it is with the rest of the

cast and that's what we call a little bit of foreshadowing because cod Lea and Miyuki can't resist their urges forever the manga go behind Kaguya acha acha Sokka is just too smart to leave us hanging on one overly fraught romantic relationship I'm calling it hayasaka ino ishigami your

time will come as for you chica yeah the only romantic partner you'll ever have is chaos and I'm quite jealous because that's the only romantic partner that I want kind of riding on what I was speaking on before these two suck at love like I mean your god

they're bad see our two characters are convinced that the other character loves them and the other is just one little push away from saying it over in both characters attempts to make that happen they only continue to keep themselves from being together which as I said before is

pretty anti-romance I mean usually when you watch a romance you expect them you know to come together at some point or at least get closer to it [Music] are you trying I try so hard see in most other rom-com anime like massaman his revenge toward door or snafu

you see the character starts not knowing each other and see how the relationship progresses from there how like is shown in protagonist that gets stronger over time its narrative lee satisfying to see that progression and grow with the characters and the connections they make it's not about the

destination it's about the journey type stuff there even some shows that I've already established relationships that grow from there to have their own arcs within the completed end goal of ending up together like sirs or children or I can't understand what my husband is saying think of this

one kind of like the ecig High one punch man protagonists who you know already have all that power but you're waiting for them to then leave something this is really really impressive but this this is like I don't know perpetually being in second place always just close enough

to make it but never quite getting there and the things stopping the relationship for progressing is the people who want it most it's as brilliant as it is annoying as and yet despite all that I'm still sitting here every week excited to see what's gonna happen in the

next episode it's because even though there doesn't feel like there's progression there is surprisingly enough just in different ways the characters are slowly starting to understand themselves like how Kalia had a whole internal debate about how she feels about me Yuki that's one of my favorite scenes it's

just that this whole show perpetually operates in the most exciting phase of the romance arc right before the confession with every scenario in situation with its mix of humor and wit added in it still makes you want to come back for more and in general it makes it

all become this amazing fun ride and it makes me wish I was on my student council back in high school for the sake of a relationship not for the betterment of my school so as you can see we both really liked the show and clearly have quite a

bit to say about it fro its unique take on how to write a romance story to the well-thought-out character interactions and character development of the cast outside of its two main protagonists Tyga is definitely a really fresh look at the genre as a whole so much so that

it made me change my mind a bit on some romance anime not all of them just some which says a lot because she doesn't like any show unless there's at least two gory scenes involved which is one more than his in Kaguya actually yeah I thought it was

real blood in those scenes too uh you can only imagine my disappointment when I found out it was a fluke again Adrien why did you pick her for the romance video she whatever if you like to host in the same video significantly more than I am right now

let us know in the comments don't be like that I actually ended up enjoying this maybe we could even do it again sometime if that's something to people watching what okay maybe it was a little not the worst a little a little I'm Kurt and I'm Dory and

this is getting the robot your anime explainer admit it you had a great time I was ok ok let's relax ok [Music]

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