I Lost My Home

(music) Hanres Gratia Menley.



Good morning.

Good morning, Your Honor.

You have two parking tickets and two red lights.

Yes sir.

The red lights are at the same location on Pleasant Valley Parkway and Valley Street.

We're gonna look at both of them, okay? Do you remember these? The first one, in 2017, it was my husband.

That was not me because the car is registered in my name.

I think he ran the red light and he was supposed to pay and he didn't pay.

And then the second one, I just moved from my house.

I lost my house last year.

So, I moved on Oakland Ave and I was going through the– What do you mean, you lost your house? The bank took the house.

It was foreclosure.

'Cause I couldn't afford.



So, we lost the house.

And then I moved to Oakland Ave, I was running that morning to take my son to school and to get to work.

I ran through the light.

I didn't even know there was a camera there.

But, that's not a reason why.

I was running late, there was a car in front of me, I just ran through the light.

How many children do you have? I have two kids.

A 10 year and a 3 year old.

How old? A 10 and a 3.

10 and a 3.



Yes, sir.

Are you a single mom? No, my relationship is strange.

He comes back and forth, so.

I could say we're still married, if I can say that, so.



Are you self supporting? Yes, I work.

I work with people with disabilities.

I've done that for almost 20 years.

And then the other tickets is– I know.

I'm saddened to hear that you lost your house.

I mean that's very depressing.

You got two kids and you lose your house it's.




I'm looking at you, I'm thinking of your house being foreclosed on, and I'm thinking of the two kids, I'm thinking that, mostly, you're self supporting, and I'm thinking of the interest of the city, and I'm trying to balance both of them, and I'm trying to do what's right and just.

It's gonna cost you, $35, court cost.

Thank you, sir.

I was talking to one of the guys, he said I could get a parking permit so that I don't get tickets again 'cause.



All right, tell me about your circumstances, like, what's going on with you? (crying) It's just, financially, its not easy to work one job, pay insurance, pay rent, and take care of my family.



It's tough, so.




Here's an answer to your question.

And it's very stressful, too, so.

They just dish out tickets like almost.



Even on the weekend, if I park on a Friday, they give me a ticket.

I park on a Saturday, they give me a ticket.

Like, I don't know.



All right Gratia, we're gonna see if we can help you out a little bit, okay? Yes, sir.

An answer to your question, you qualify to buy a parking pass that will allow you to park on the street over night, for one year, in front of your house.

Thank you, sir.

That parking pass cost $100.

You can't buy the parking pass until these matters are taken care of.

Okay, sir.

So, I'm gonna revisit this case and what I'm going to do is, I'm going to utilize the generosity of some people that voluntarily, send in donations to this court, to help people like you.

From Quan Trin and Con Tuck from San Gabriel California, they sent in $100 for me to use at my discretion, to help someone.

I'm going to use that $100 for you, to buy your parking pass.

Thank you, sir.

(audience claps) Thank you.

In addition to that, I'm gonna charge you $25 cost, for this summons, and I'm gonna use a check of $25, that was sent to me by Yvonne Sanchez of Springfield Oregon.

So, it's gonna cost you nothing.

You're gonna get the parking pass today, okay? Thank you, Your Honor.

I really appreciate that.

(audience claps) Thank you, sir! Take care of those kids.

Thank you.

Good luck to you.

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