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the White House Task Force has now identified the Detroit and Chicago areas as potential new hot spots cases in Illinois have nearly doubled in the last three days now at more than 2,500 75 percent of the state's cases are from Cook County 45 percent from Chicago alone meanwhile

in Michigan the number of reported cases have quadrupled since Monday to 2,800 with nearly half coming from Wayne County thirty percent from Detroit alone yet while Michigan braces itself for a deluge of cases there is a harrowing report regarding the life and death guidelines to be used at

a hospital network there during this pandemic the Detroit Free Press reports that the Henry Ford Health System officially confirmed the accuracy of a detailed letter being circulated by doctors and others on social media which outlines how doctors would make decisions at the Michigan Hospital Network about who gets

treated during the kovat 19 prices with limited resources the letter reportedly reads in part patients who have the best chance of getting better are our first priority patients will be evaluated for the best plan of care and dying patients will be provided comfort care some patients will be

extremely sick and very unlikely to survive their illness even with critical treatment treating these patients would take away resources for patients who might survive patients who are not eligible for ICU or ventilator care will receive treatment for pain control and comfort measures some conditions that are likely to

may or may make you not eligible include severe heart lung kidney or liver failure terminal cancers or severe trauma or burns it continues patients who are treated with a ventilator or ICU care may have these treatments stopped if they do not improve over time if they do not

improve this means that the patient has a poor chance of surviving the illness even if the care was continued this decision will be based on medical condition and likelihood of getting better in response the healthcare network explained that explaining the letter as part of a larger policy document

developed for an absolute worst-case scenario and it's not an active policy but part of emergency response planning but we have a lot of different states and hospital systems around the country that are dealing with similar issues you know in Boston Eddy 160 healthcare workers across at least three

hospitals have coronavirus they are going to have an outbreak among their healthcare community and these health care workers once again there's no plan in these cities to put them anywhere to isolate when they go home to their families so they are becoming spreaders and there are asymptomatic carriers

as well these health care workers are exposed to it on the front lines every day they have nowhere to go they have nowhere to isolate the government is asking people to 15 days to slow the spread to self isolate whatever to contain it to social distance health care

workers have nowhere to go it's not possible in these major cities it's actually a joke what they're trying to ask these people on the frontlines to do and we have a little bit more here Eddy in terms of the hospitals these protocols are being talked about at Chicago

hospitals at hospitals in New York City because they don't have the supplies to help these people doctors are being put in a horrible position where they have to decide who lives or dies what's the way out of this you know Jon Meacham said a reason right dude we've

been talking about sense since we've been discussing a corona Governor Cuomo told us we would get here at least those of us who were listening and you think about not only what's happening in New York or in Chicago and Detroit but think about New Orlean mica think about

the deep south think about Florida and Alabama Louisiana and Mississippi and Arkansas in West Virginia we have the governor of Mississippi for example opening up that state overruling here in my own hometown of Moss Point Mississippi putting my mother and father in danger and so what we see

here is the grimness the grim reality of the moment we're in and we need not small-minded people not selfish spoke but folk who have a sense of of the of the actual stakes right circumstance and it just seems to me mika right now we need some what the

level of the crisis and not be small will be as large as and willie geist you know just to add to the scenario in boston which is really developing before our eyes rapidly into a crisis a full-blown crisis massachusetts now the head of the the massachusetts state hospital

medical education system they seem to see what's coming I'm not sure why the president doesn't but Massachusetts has become the first state to graduate all fourth-year medical students to try and expand the capacity of the medical population they know that they are going to run out of doctors

at the rate they're going they can see it why can't Washington yeah there's a rush not just in Massachusetts but across the country to get doctors and Kris Lou this is what we're looking at with just lost Willie's audio is that when you have health care workers that

are exposed and you have these numbers and again we have such a limited testing Chris Lu we don't actually know what we're looking at let's back up to where we are and in terms of Washington's reaction from the get-go we are still in the dark today in terms

of testing we still don't exactly know where we stand but the numbers were getting show medical workers health care workers and those on the front line police departments that have dozens sometimes hundreds of cops out the front line workers need to be isolated if the government wants Americans

to social distance why wouldn't they set up situation where they open up all hotels and all empty properties right now and step up like Airbnb is companies are and try and help people separate you have these congested areas with people on the front line who have no way

of social distancing you know me cuz everything needs to be on the table right now whether it's using hotels that have closed for isolation whether it's far more protective standards for frontline health care workers but I think it also speaks more broadly to the flaws of this plan

that the president wants to use to open up county-by-county because if you do that in the worlds in which you don't have broad surveillance the counties that are going to open up quicker are gonna be the rural counties and we know those rural hospitals don't have search capacity

they don't have the sophisticated equipment and so you're then gonna see a greater flood on the problem with the healthcare particularly in those rural areas thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up to date on the day's biggest stories and you

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