Getting Hit On by Your Inmate Students – Tacarra Williams

oh i'm excited i got a i'm a teacher i love my job teaching yeah wait well let me let me tell you where first let me tell you where i teach inmates at the local jails in california yeah yeah i'm a life skills coach so as a life

skills coach who teaches inmates i teach uh substance alcohol abuse domestic violence parenting anger management everything that they need to start rehabilitation now you know so they can go back in to the world and at least you know we'll try to help them be successful but it's hard

working in a jail with a bunch of male inmates you know because i'm cute and uh every day is like a weird adventure almost because the inmates you know you cute they don't care they say what they want to say to you now i wear something very similar

to this at work it's i call it a butt curtain and what it does is it hides my booty from everybody who's trying to look especially the students so one day i'm sitting at in my in my uh at my desk at work and i'm grading some papers

and my class had already left and i took this off because i'm in my classroom by myself this guy walks in inmate from nowhere opens up my classroom door walks in and goes knock knock knock i said did you just say knock knock knock he goes i sure

did knock knock knock i didn't know what to say i was like uh who's there uh he goes jamal westcott i said uh jamal where's guy who and he goes jamal wescott who runs all the way over here for 15 minutes from tarot one just to see what

miss c look like because everybody keep talking about how fine she is how cute she is how smart she is how funny she is and i had to come all the way over here and see for myself now what they have in the classroom is a panic button

my hand was touching that [ __ ] button uh i was so close so i stood up and i said hey listen you know you you know you can go to the hole for roman over here he was like i'll go to the hole for you and see

what you need what you want so i said rather than kick you out my class and press this button and have them come get you out i'll try to help you i said what classes do you need he said [ __ ] whatever class you teaching is the

one that i need so i'm standing up at this point and he just starts staring i got no butt curtain on i'm naked right now apparently i kid you now he goes oh yeah they ain't even tell me you had all that damn you know what missy i

don't wanna i don't even wanna be disrespectfulness to you or nothing like that so i don't wanna be disrespectfulness so i'm gonna go ahead and just leave cause i wasn't even prepared for that right there damn i'm gonna get out of here miss c but i'm gonna be

back dog so he leaves and when he goes out the classroom all i hear is him yelling in the hallway why ain't nobody tell me missy was she was packing like that then i hear a deputy go you ain't asking me i'll even told you if you asked

me why you think i worked this floor i don't give a [ __ ] about y'all we're here for missing then they gave me a promotion no no no they come to me one day they said they go missy we want you to do something and i said

what's up when you go upstairs i want you to teach the gay guys and i was like how the [ __ ] is that a promotion i don't understand how said go up there they'll love you i said okay cool i'm gonna do it whatever i'll go up

there to teach the gay guy somebody pulls me to the side they said miss c they're not gonna like you i said why they said because the teacher that they've had he's been there for 20 years he retired they don't like new i was like now they gonna

love me he said okay good luck i'm nervous but i know how to get a gay guy i know what to do i went in there designered out i had on louboutin shoes with a louboutin belt i had a tote bag with nothing in it i wore it

for the effect i needed them to see then i'm about this goddamn life over here i walk into the classroom i walk into the classroom i put my bag down on the desk i start writing my name on the board my introduction who i am and what i

do for 15 seconds this is all you hear for 15 seconds yes yes [ __ ] yes yes my teacher slays [ __ ] but the ringleader his name was tracy tracy didn't like me he won't even look at me i'm standing here his back is to me

and the guy's telling him oh my god you need to look at our teacher and tracy's like no and he's like but she's cute and he's like i bet you she's not so he goes you need to turn around and see our teacher he goes i don't want

to he goes bet she got on lois this is how tracy turned around mind you tracy balls hmm that [ __ ] is fake [Applause] i looked at tracy at first of all i said my [ __ ] ain't fake uh tracy he goes why are you mad

at me i said you know what let's start this over i said hi i miss c he goes um i'm tracy why i do that if you're a man in here you gay calm down all this [ __ ] right here problem what mad what so i said

tracy i like you he goes you do i say yeah i think you're really you know we got up on the wrong foot but i like them shoes you made he go oh these old things i said yes those you put a little shoe string in there i'll

say what you're doing he goes you you like these i say yes i love those you put a little bottle cap on the bottom so you can make he could get the click click click click click click click click click click click click click click [Applause] i was

cool with tracy until tracy tried to check me one day i walk into the classroom start class he gonna come up to me and go miss c no i said well what's wrong with what i got on he goes those jeans no i said what's wrong with my

jeans he said you wore those already i said i washed these too i could wear them as many times as i want to he said no you're a diva divas don't do that we don't wear the same thing twice i'm checking you i turned into tracy i was

like really you checking who who you who you checking me uh funny thing you wear the same [ __ ] all week who the [ __ ] is you jackie tracy you playing well you're gonna get mad talking about something touche touche you ain't even trying to date

out here in california that's difficult saying it's difficult cause i got kids that's hard when you drive when you got kids i hate them people always get mad at like oh my god how could you say you hate your kids you don't know you don't know my life

don't be telling me what i can and cannot do i got three i got a 17 year old son six one 140 pounds got my whole face adorable he gonna come to me the other day and say why you keep leaving condoms on my bed i was like

cuz uh you in these streets and uh and i'm in these streets so uh don't bring me home with a little ball-headed ass baby i'm not trying to be no grandmother no time soon and i won't bring you home no little brother or sister that you got to

watch cause you're gonna lose either way okay let's just help me help you okay you know what give me back one of them condoms i'm going somewhere tonight give it to me give it to me i should do that give it to me

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