FIRST LOOK! Testing The BRAND NEW Polar Grit X | New Outdoor GPS Smartwatch To Rival Garmin?

hi and welcome to the running channel I'm Anna and today I'm going to be bringing you the first look at the brand new polar grips X GPS watch first up if you haven't subscribed to the running channel please date and tap the bow icon so you get notified

when we upload new videos all about running which we do every week also it's important to note that we've been sent one of these polar grid X watches to test out and to show you we haven't been paid by the manufacturers to do this review and it is

completely impartial all thoughts are my own so I've just had a very exciting delivery the new polar grit X here we go so it's a nice white strap this one also in the box of course we've got the charging cable and then hidden at the back and importantly

for me I'm going to have to do a little bit of reading I think we have got the instructions at the get start guide so I am going to take the watch out on the run and report back the new great X is a multi sport GPS watch

that's aimed primarily at outdoor athletes so it's made with trail runners ultra runners and hikers in mind it has some new features that haven't been seen in previous polar models like the Vantage including Hill splitter which automatically counts your Hill reps the fuel wise feature that lets you

set manual and auto reminders to tell you when to take on food and when to drink with longer days out on the trails in mind and it'll also tell you the optimal composition of fuel intake that's personalized to you based on height and weight and the duration and

intensity of the activity the polar great axe has turned by ten route instructions through the commute app and you can see hour by hour weather forecasts as well as having a 100 our GPS battery life the watch has been made with military-grade durability but despite all that it's

super lightweight at 64 grams and as the same weight as the polar Vantage V series but a bit heavier than the Vantage M the screen is brighter and clearer than previous polar models and you can control it with a mix of using the five push buttons around the

side and a touch screen option as well now it's time to go on my run so I'm gonna put my watch to the test and have a little look at what its gonna suggest for a session for me today okay so I've selected the long slow run option

from the polar and I'm wearing my other watch that I've been using for probably about six months now and just so that I've got two sets of stats to look at so that I can compare them afterwards so I have my garments that's my polar stats so I

can look at if there's any differences or discrepancies within the GPS or within the the mapping and the routes heart rate data that kind of thing and so yeah best get on with my run [Music] so let's have a look at the post run stats then so first

of all you can see the time and the date of the activity the duration and the total distance all things that you would expect to see then there's the heart rate data so your average and Max as well as the cardio load so that's the value that tells

you how much strain your training session puts on your cardiovascular system so next you've got the durations you are in each heart rate zone during your run then the energy used in calories broken down into the percentage of that in carbs protein and fats you get details of

average pace and Max pace with a more in-depth look at the time spent in each pace zone during the activity then there's the power stat so this is risk based polar was the first running watch brand to include risk based power data for runners so that essentially monitors

the work your muscles are doing during your runs you can also get stats on your cadence and altitude and the brand new Hill splitter feature so as you can see this wasn't an especially hilly run just naught point for two miles uphill okay so I have the files

open for the run than I did on polar flow and on Garmin Connect so I can have a little look through at the stats and see if there's anything that's been recorded differently or see if there's anything outstanding any differences with the GPS and that kind of thing

both watches showed the same route mapping and came out within naught point naught 1 miles of each other on distance so no major concerns there interestingly the heartrate average came out different by 4 beats per minute which is around a 2% difference that might be accounted for by

wearing them on different wrists how tight the straps were all potential differences in the sensors here are the other stats we just highlighted like Hill splitter and risk based power ok so we've got this little suggestion here is some strength so if we go into the main menu

then it gives you these suggested workouts I'm gonna go with these bodyweight regular and if I scroll through here it tells you do each exercise for 40 seconds then rest until the minute is full bodyweight workouts improve your muscular fitness and coordination so warm up for five minutes

then we've got these little animations to tell you how to do the exercises so I've got the minute squats well 40 seconds 20 seconds rest some push-ups Merc push-ups some good mornings bench dips so tricep dips they're ab crunches cooldown so I'm gonna give this one a go

if I scroll back up to the top and then hit start there we go ready to go might have just finished my planned workouts we had some squats and ab crunches and tricep dips push-ups and good mornings in there but now it's got a little planned workout complete

screen with a little tick and then that will add on to my stats for the day good workout okay now for the second run with the polar great X I'm going to try out the commute turn-by-turn so I've created a route on the commute website and then synched

it to my watch to be able to follow the directions whilst I'm out and about [Music] yeah so first thoughts on the commute and polar integration on the polar grit x4 going out for a run is it was brilliant I loved it it meant that I was able

to follow the route on watch without sort of just staring at it the whole time because every time there was do to be a turn it gave you enough notice that there was a turn coming up and then a second notification to say turn now which meant that

I was out on routes that I'd never done before which I absolutely love doing I love running new REITs I find it far more interesting doing new routes than the same ones over and over again and that's the one thing that I'm really missing at the moment about

running with other people is that usually if somebody else is doing the route for you and you don't know where you're going to end up that's the kind of run that I love so it's been great getting to grips with the polar great X and seeing what this

watch has to offer and we asked you the running channel viewers what you wanted to know about the watch too so here's a brief summary of some of the frequently asked questions so the thing that came up the most was of course the price so the polar great

X comes in at 379 pounds now that is significantly lower than the likes of the Garmin fennec 6s sapphire and also the Sun toe 9 borrow however it's important to note that that watches have different features so for example the Garmin Fenix success comes with music but the

polar cortex does not have that capability but where there are extra features and some other watches the polar grit X doesn't have there also the extra features like the Hill splitter and the fuel wise and the commute turn-by-turn instructions that come with this watch that the other ones

don't have and with the navigation I certainly found personally that the commute turn-by-turn directions were easier to use than the onboard navigation on the Garmin there's also the Fitz Park training that you get with polar which I especially like right now when I'm not sticking to a particular

running plan it gives you those ideas of the workouts to do and exactly how to do them the polar great X is compatible with 130 different sports lots of people asking if it is a multi-sport watch don't me to list all 130 because I don't think I even

know 130 different sports the GPS accuracy I did find to being pretty spot-on on the test runs that I did do now I tested this watch out on the trails which it is made for but there are no real sort of mega thick forests around that can tend

to make you lose your GPS signals so perhaps needs a little bit further testing out a little bit further afield I'm just not able to do that right now nor did I test it around any big buildings in built-up cities because again just the logistics of being able

to do that right now don't work so that's something to test for future but in general it clocked onto the GPS signal really quickly and the accuracy was within naught point naught one mile of the Garmin that I was using on the same runs so a lot of

you wanted to know about the battery life for the polar great X of course because there is nothing more frustrating than wanting to go up for a run and realizing you forgot to charge your watch so straight out of the box from me I didn't have to charge

the polar grip acts from a hundred percent until five days worth of use and that was with a few activities thrown in couple of runs a ride and a strength workout as well the official specs say that you can get up to seven days worth of battery life

out of the watch and it all depends on the settings that you use so you can turn heart rate data off you can use different GPS tracking and that figure goes down to 40 hours and it's depending on which mode you put the watch in so hopefully we've

answered your questions about the polar grip X got any more questions for me leave them in the comments below and I will try and answer them for you more features do you look for when you're buying a new GPS watch let us know that in the comments too

and we'll see you next time on the running channel [Music] you

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