Ellen Pompeo Had A Harsh Message For Stay-At-Home Protesters

Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is more thanwilling to speak out when there's something on her mind.

Her penchant for honesty might explain whyshe delivered a harsh message to those protesting stay-at-home orders during the coronaviruspandemic.

“The economic strain is driving some Americansto protest stay at home orders, but there are questions of how the rallies, consistinglargely of the president's supporters, were organized.

” Although the true toll of the global crisisis uncertain at this time, a staggering amount of people have been exposed to the virus, and sadly, even died from the illness or related complications.

That's why individuals are being asked toisolate themselves until the situation is under control, as staying at home will helpprevent the spread of coronavirus.

Although many experts believe social distancingis a top defense against the potentially deadly virus, some people argue the stay-at-homeorders are supposedly unconstitutional and have taken to the streets to express theirdiscontent.

Sure, these mini-movements may be astroturfed, or, presented as grassroots movements that are actually masking, in this case, right-wingsponsorship, as noted by the Guardian, but that doesn't make them any less dangerous.

Whether or not Pompeo was privy to the politicalorigin of these protests, she didn't hold back.

She shared her candid thoughts via Twitterin response to a Los Angeles Times article that detailed the actions of protesters inCalifornia.

She tweeted: “They didn't get the memo that this isn'tabout them.

So if any of them get sick they should befine with just going home and staying home caring for themselves.



you don't have theright to ask for help from people you didn't care about when you were waving your flag.

” The actor noted that people are being askedto stay at home “for very good reasons, ” one of them being to prevent the disease fromspreading to hospital staff.

“Every day, you're thinking: 'Am I going toget really sick? Am I going to be able to recover? Am I going to be one of those young peoplethat, for whatever reason, dies from this?'” She explained how protecting these groupshelps hospitals from being overburdened in tough times.

And while Pompeo certainly made her pointclear, she wasn't done by a long shot.

Despite Grey's Anatomy not always being medicallyaccurate, Pompeo encourages people to listen to experts and not famous television personalitieswhen it comes to serious advice.

Her take on certain celebrity “doctors” andtheir advice? “The old white guy tv docs who say stupidselfish s— should yes.



walk that s— [right] back to your lazy boys and sit your stupidasses down in your living rooms on your golf courses where you live.

” She added that she's tired of, quote, “outof touch old fools.

” Wow, we may love this feisty look on the actress, but what we wouldn't give for one of Meredith Grey's patented pep talks right now… “You have an enormous will, an enormous heart, an enormous capacity for survival.

You've taken all this darkness and used itto help other people who are walking through the same.

” Anyway, Pompeo was likely referring to figureslike Dr.

Phil and Dr.

Oz in her tweet.

The latter faced backlash during an April2020 interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity.

He advocated reopening schools across thecountry, arguing that this measure, quote, “may only cost us 2 to 3 percent in termsof total mortality, ” per The New York Times.

He soon backpedaled and apologized.

“I've realized my comments on risks aroundopening schools have confused and upset people, which was never my intention.

I misspoke.

” As for Dr.

Phil, who isn't a medical doctor, bee-tee-dubs, he also stirred up strong reactions when he told Fox News: “45, 000 people a year die from automobileaccidents, 480, 000 from cigarettes, but we don't shut the country down for that.

But yet we're doing it for this?” He also apologized, but the efforts of bothmen didn't appease Pompeo…or a pretty large chunk of Twitter, for that matter.

Pompeo wasn't the only one who wanted to sharethoughts about the coronavirus stay-at-home protesters and TV doctors.

After the star took to Twitter to expressher opinions about the sensitive circumstances, her followers were quick to respond.

In regards to those who opposed the orderto isolate, one user tweeted, quote: “I don't know how there are people who make this kindof protest.

It's too irrational.

” Another fan thanked the actress and sharedtheir personal connection with medical professionals, writing, quote: “My daughter is a doctor atJackson in Miami and my son is a doctor at Mount Sinai in NY.

I worry about them every moment.

They didn't sign up for this pandemic either, but they are playing their part and staying home is the part non-essential workers mustplay.

” As for the “old white guy tv docs, ” as Pompeoreferred to them, they also came under fire.

One user tweeted: “Omg, Dr.

Oz and Dr.

Philhave worked my last damn nerve now with the protestors screaming for independence likewe didn't have [it] already.

” Far be it from us to weigh in on heavy issues, but we can't help but agree, after all, putting other people's lives at risk isn't a politicalissue.

It's a human one.

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