DIY Dog Treat Dispenser to Make at Home ??

– We're gonna make aDIY dog treat dispenser that you can make while you're at home.

We've done some pretty crazy things, from building an entirepet store for a pitbull, making a giant ball pitthat a dog could jump into, driving a train throughone of my pet stores, even building an entirerestaurant called Dogihana.

Get it? Benihana, but for like, but for dogs.

Get it? But today, we're gonnado something useful, how to build your own treatdispenser for your dog while you're at home.

So this way, you don't haveto get up off the couch to give your dogs treats, they can just go over therewith the cute little paw and hit the button andout come the treats.

I've seen a bunch ofYouTube videos on this and I thought, “You know what? “This is something that I want to do.

” I'm gonna put all the instructions and everything that you needdown in the description below.

So after you watch this, if you wanna go make onefor yourself you can.

After we make this, we're gonna test it out.

And we've got Zoey, she's ready.

She doesn't look like it yet.

We have Flip and he deserves some treats 'cause he just had a tumor removed.

He's gonna be okay.

And then we have Kobe, and he's blind so we'll have to figure out how we teach him to do that, but we will.

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There's a responsibility wehave here as dog treat experts to have a definitive guideon how you make a dispenser at home for your dog.

I just pieced together allof this and my wife, Kelly, helped me.

– [Kelly] Hey.

(Rocky laughs) – The first thing we'regonna do is we're gonna start with the funnel.

Okay, so we need fourtriangle funnel pieces.

I'm gonna start by winging it.

(vocalizes laser) You can watch this and go, (laughs) “Man, that guy's good with dogs, “but is he really good at anything else?” (cardboard pops) Okay, all right, all right.

So far this is goin' good.

– [Kelly] You almost hit Zo-Zo.

– Oh, sorry (laughs).


I promised big things tothem so this has to pay off.

You're gonna need a hot glue gun so if you don't have one of those, you gotta get ahold of one of those.

It's gettin' hot.

I'm not sniffin' glue over here.

Oh yeah, okay.

I don't think it takes much.

Then, boo-yah.

I definitely think I'musing too much hot glue.

Not a hot glue gun expert.

Get on there.

Yeah, that's pretty good! Still a little hot (laughs).

We'll just let that sit for a minute.

We need eight inchestotal of popsicle sticks.

Popsicle sticks areharder to cut than you.



We're definitely gonna haveto eat another popsicle.

All right, we got all the pieces.

(Rocky laughs) – It's good.

– [Rocky] For the record, this is completely unfair.

– Didn't you already eattwo of these this morning? – Oh, good point (laughs).

I guess three, wouldthree popsicles in a day be a record or acceptable? It would be a record.

(laughs) Are you gonna be okay filming and eating a popsicle at the same time? – [Kelly] It's gonna be hard.

– (laughs) You think youcan suffer through it? – [Kelly] I'll try.

– We can't do it.



We actually can't do anything 'til I have the popsicle stick.

(couple laughs) – All right.

I'll wait here.

Zoey, this is what we haveto work with over here.

We're just gonna hot glue gunthese little guys right here.

Lots of hot glue.

(laughs) You don't have to put alot of hot glue on yours.

All right so that'll go right like that.

Yeah, that's nice, that's nice.

(paper zips) Perfect.

Okay, now remember, gosuper heavy on the hot glue.

Then you blow on it to dry it.

Can you put that in the instructions? – [Kelly] Sure.

(Rocky blows) – I think that's gonna work.

I think it needs a little more hot glue just for the fun of it.

We've got to make sure this is big enough for our treats to go through.

By our treats, I mean theones that we bake at my store.

So these are my treats, see? That is me right there.

Look, I'm a cartoon.

(bag crumples) – [Kelly] Zoey's awake now.

– Oh yeah, oh yeah.

We got, oh look thisguy is coming alive too.

Oh yeah we're getting some attention now.

See, it's wide enough, so it fits.

Look at that.

(treat plinks on table) Yeah, perfect.

On the other videos they don't show how hard this part is, like, oh man and they alsodon't account for the fact that I just ran out of another glue stick.

Reload! Okay, I'm good.

I'm good.

The lid's gotta go on here.

We gotta cut a hole in the lidso the treats can come out.

That obviously is not the smoothest hole, but it will work just fine.

Yeah, and then look, that will just go right on top of there.

This part, we are winging it for sure.

Okay, I think that's right.

– [Kelly] We've gottacut the hole in the front for the treats to come out of.

Do you want to do that before– – Yep, that's a good point.

(laughs) – [Kelly] You can't see? – I thought we were done almost and it would've been atreat dispenser to nowhere.

– [Kelly] More glue.

– More glue.

All right, so now we have to make the little slide thatthe treats come down.

What I'm excited about isfor you guys to tag me, like on Instagram and TikTok, wherever you're at.

Tag me if you make this, I want to see it.

Look at that treat slide right there.

(whistles) That looks like fun, doesn't it? We need guardrails, right? – [Kelly] Yeah.

(cardboard slices) – I'm very proud of this.

So far.

Okay, I don't actually wantto glue on the back side yet until we get the treatsin there and test it.

This will be our lever.

This is hard, this is the hard step.

– [Kelly] Do you needan extra set of hands? – No.

– [Kelly] You've gottahold it till it dries.

If the surface area is too large, it might be enough weight to just automatically push it down so then it will just bea free flow of treats.

– No, the pressure's there, for sure.

– [Kelly] Should we fillup the jar with the T word and see if it works? – Well, we need to justhave a paw print right here so they know to put their paw right there.

– [Kelly] Okay, you gonna draw that? That middle one is really big.

– Yeah, it does look really big.

(laughs) – [Kelly] It looks like he'sgiving you the middle finger.

Oh my gosh.

– [Rocky] Oh my goodness.

Here, I'll make the otherone a little bigger.

– [Kelly] Color 'em in now.

– I think it's a good paw print.

I think the dogs will understand that that's where they press if they want the delicious treats.

All right, now for the big moment.

Let's fill it up.

I guess the big moment will be when we give the dogs the treats.

(treats fill bucket and hit sides) Yeah.

Okay, here we go.

This is so cool.

Okay, oh man this makesme a little nervous.

Wow! That is so cool! That looks cool, doesn't it? – [Kelly] Does it work? – I don't know.

(laughs) (pants like a dog) (treats hit the table) – [Kelly] Whoa! – Oh, yeah! Woohoohoohoo, woo, woo! (laughs) Yeah, you're a good girl Zo Zo.

You're a good girl.

(upbeat music) (treats fall) What do you think? Do you think we'd give it a go? – [Kelly] Yeah.

– Just put it down there and let the dogs take a crack at it? – [Kelly] Yeah, let's do it.

– All right, let's do it.


Good boy.

He knows the treats are there.

Obviously he can't seethat there's a lever, so, what we would do to train him is we would use smells andscents that we will put on there so he would know to comeand then get the treat.

But it's gonna take more thanjust, you know, this video.

Here ya go, bud! (treat falls) (dog sniffs and chews treat) It works so good.

What a success! And you're a good boy.

Eh, nope, nope, nope.

(laughs) Okay, all right, let's try Zoey.

Come here.

She's like, just pull the lever dummy.

(treats fall) (laughs) That's a lot of treats for her.

(chews treats) (laughs) Here you go.

Right here.

(treats fall) Okay, I don't think we're going to get Zoey to hit that lever.

I think she's perfectly contentwith me doing that for her.

(laughs) Okay, so we still have Flip.

He could do it.

He's got those boxer paws, where he's always boxing, so.

Let's see, you might be able to do it.

He's figured out the dogwater fountain before.

Get it! (water sprays) Whoa! Oh, he got it! He got it! Whoa! (laughs) Good boy! So he could figure out this.

Oh, there's some treats stuck.

– [Kelly] Does it havetoo many treats in there? – It could.

– [Kelly] What if you just jiggle it? – Whoa! (laughs) (chews treats) I think on the next one, we'll make the funnel a little bit bigger.

There you go, bud.

– [Kelly] Get it! – Man, it's like he was so close.

Definitely go get a Fliptoy or a Puppaccino toy.

These things will sell out fast.

Or, grab a bag of treats for your dog.

Those are Snicker Doodles.

You ready Flip, come on! Let's get it! Get yourself! Catch yourself! (laughs) Okay, we are, oh, all right.

(laughs) All right, all right.

All right, he probably shouldn'tbe jumping around that much he just had surgery.

All right, hey thanks for watching! Go watch this video or gowatch that video right now! Go, go, go!.

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