DEEP FRIED Ribs vs SMOKY Ribs Which one is Best?

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I don't think there's anyone in theworld that does not love some amazing ribs.

It does not matter if you make themsweet, savory they are just absolutely delicious.

But if there's one thing I'venever done is to deep-fry them.

I've got this idea for my meat dealer Emilio andhe swears that that's one of the best things that he ever tried with ribs andof course I'm always willing to try something new.

And I really can't wait tofind out how this is gonna taste.

So let's do it! And these are the stars of the show theyare St.

Louis ribs.

Unlike baby back ribs which has more meat atleast to me these have more flavor and by far to me they are way more superior.

But don't get me wrong if you give me baby back ribs I'll just eat them justas much.

The first thing I like to do is to remove the membrane and that ispretty easy to do.

Using the back of a spoon just work your way around the edge, grab a paper tower so you can get a good grip and take it all out.

This is not abig deal and they come out nice and easy.

As you can see by the time I was donethis is what they look like.

And I definitely recommend removing themembrane.

I'm gonna follow my meat dealer suggestion and that is to divide them inindividual strips.

This allows them to cook faster, get more seasoning on themand according to my meat dealer just a better overall experience, and that makestotal sense.

By the time I was done check it out! I can honestly say this is thefirst time I'm making ribs like this.

Now for my deep fried ribs we're gonna makeit savory and for that he recommended me to marinate them.

And these are all theingredients I'm gonna be using.

Remember exact amount and ingredients always inthe description down below for you.

I started with red onions, followed bygarlic, apple cider vinegar, ponzu sauce, fish sauce, Worcestershire sauce, myfavorite Brazilian hot sauce and to finish it off with lime juice.

Nowall there's left to do is to blend it on your food processor and your marinate isdone.

the color comes a hundred percent because of the red onions.

If you don'twant your ribs to have a dark color in the end you can always use white onions.

Now throw your marinade into the ribs and make sure every single one of themis coated.

You want to let them marinate for at least two hours or better yetovernight.

Now for our second rib we're gonna do something completely differentand we're gonna smoke them.

Everyone knows that smoky ribs are amazing andhere's my take on it.

I started by adding a little bit of Worcestershire sauce, this will act as a binder so we can throw in our rub.

Talking about that I amusing Guga's rub as you might already know you cannot buy this rub but you canmake it at home and you might already have all the ingredients.

I've done acomplete video and showing you how to make it, and if you're interested ondoing it make sure you check it out in the description down below later on.

Oncethey were heavily coated with Guga's rub I let them rest for one hour in therefrigerator so that the rub can penetrate deeply into the meat.

Thatgives us enough time to make an easy and simple cold pasta and here's how to makeit.

I started by cooking my noodles make sure to cook themall the way through.

then into the bowl.

I threw in a little bit of ham, followed byyellow corn, red bell pepper, sweet relish, mozzarella, mayo followed by creme de leite, finish it off by seasoning with freshly ground black pepper and salt.

Now all there's left to do is to mix it well in your cold pasta is done.

The great thing aboutthis is that you can use those canned items that you currently have at home.

And it's something easy and tasty to make that goes along with many dishes.

But now going back to our ribs the very next day they we're ready.

You want tomake sure you remove as much marinade as possible.

It is also a good idea to patthem dry because remember we're gonna be deep-frying them.

And as you can see thatred onion did its job.

It will make your ribs much darker but like I said beforeit gives a wonderful flavor.

But now that I have my beautiful ribs ready I'm gonnabe deep-frying them at 350 degrees Fahrenheit until they're fully cooked.

That means I'm looking for an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

The smoked ribs in the other hand, I'm gonna cook them into they're nice andtender which is usually between a hundred and ninety degrees Fahrenheit totwo hundred.

But now I say it is enough talking and it is time to make someincredible ribs.

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Nowback to my regular content.

Alright everybody we have our beautifulribs right here.

Today we had to change the scenery a little bit huh angel? Yeah Ifeel like I'm looking at the other Guga.

The other Guga of my other channel everybody.

That's the scenery normally for the other one.

What happen is, we were outside and thenstarted pouring rain and then we checked the mics you wouldn't even be able tohear it.

And my, as a matter of fact they might hear some thundering.

Yeah you guysmight even hear the thunder coming from outside.

It's crazy in here.

Anyway wehave two beautiful ribs, these are deep-fried and then here aretraditional but made it in a different way.

Which one you want to go first?Deep fried or the regular? Uh you hear that everybody? Man it's bad outside! I guesswe're going for deep fried? Let's go for the fried Angel.

All rightgo for it.

Deep-fried ribs everybody Cheer.

Cheers! it's very nice flavorful and Ilove them marinade in the taste.

It's different kind of taste.

What do youthink Angel? You can definitely taste that it's fried mm-hmmIs as good, is juicy, I like it.

it is not fall off the bone though.

It has a little bit ofbite to it.

You agree? It is uh how my mom likes.

How your mom likes it? With alittle bit more of a bite? Yeah.

And the marinadeit's like savory.

Normally when we eat ribs like this one it's going to bequite sweet right.


This one is a little bit savory and it feels like themarinated really penetrated deeply inside of the entire rib.

Kind of tastelike oh.



That's nice.

Has a little onion thing to it.

I need of onion-y taste garlic you feel it? Yeah yeah.

It is definitely isnot falling off the bone and you gotta bite it off back it off.

But it's reallygood the flavor is very good.

Winner for me.

You? it's a good one I like it I like itdifferent but I like it.



What's the next one? Cheerseverybody.


Completely off the bone this one tough.

So tasty.

Hmm you still have a bite to it oh it is completely different.

This one is like super smoky mm-hmm it has the fall of the bone feel to it.

Alittle bit spicy.



I'm not quite sure which one is better Angel, which onedo you like better? Oh for me this is.

This is the winner foryou? This one for sure for me.

I mean this is phenomenal, this isincredible it tastes exactly the way it has to taste.

As you can see it's obviouslya little bit more fall off the bone.

Still have a bite to it.

Yeah mm-hmm.

Thegreat thing about these ribs is that usually I cook ribs it takes about sixhours to cook Angel.

Three hours to smoke, two hours to wrap it and then youknow another hour with the sauce.

This one only took three hours so that'swhy it's not fall-off-the-bone tender but I really enjoyed this one here.

Nowthe deep fried in the other hand that is quick everybody.

This took me 20 minutesto deep-fry everything.

Yeah it's definitely convenient then.

Yeah so ifyou guys want to do something different and try I really enjoyed this one here.

And if you ask me today which one I like better I'm so used to this flavor andit's amazing this is so different and unique then I'm gonna go with this one.

Ilike this one.

We have a saying.

If it ain'tbroke.



Don't fix it? Don't fix it.

This is my winner for sure.

That's your winner? I mean the smokiness is hard to beat.

You agree? It's amazing bro ittastes too good.

Oh you can go get the salad I'm gonna get some more of this goodstuff.

This, this is a basically a macaroni salad it's incredible everybody, youcan do it ahead of time and make it.

This This is a rib.

That's a rib? This macaroni salad.

This is a rib.

You don't even want the salad? You good with the rib.

I hope you guys enjoyedthis video if you do enjoy this video make sure you give it a thumbs up.

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Remember ifyou're interested in anything I use everything is always on the descriptiondown below.

Thank you so much for watching and we'll see you guys on thenext one.

Take care everybody bye bye.


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