CDC to Trump: We Won't Lie For You

>> Donald Trump is engaging in a very publicbattle against the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, and the guidelines that they hadissued when it comes to reopening schools.

Now, we had previously shared some of thoseguidelines with you.

The CDC's guidance which was updated morethan a week ago calls for keeping desks six feet apart, staggering arrival and dismissaltimes.

And also canceling field trips and other largegatherings in communities where there is minimal to moderate spread of COVID-19.

The agency also recommends dismissals of longerthan two weeks in communities where there is substantial spread of the disease.

Now pretty much every community is experiencingrapid increases in new coronavirus cases.

And as we had previously predicted, now we'reseeing an uptick in the number of coronavirus deaths as well.

So anytime you hear anyone trying to minimizecoronavirus as something that's only impacting young, healthy, asymptomatic people just understandthat that's a lie.

And it really is putting people's health andlives at risk.

Now Donald Trump did not agree with this guidance.

He thinks that this is disastrous, he calledit impractical, too difficult to follow.

And so there was a question about whetheror not the CDC would switch gears in order to appease Donald Trump.

Those questions certainly became a littlemore aggressive after Vice President Pence framed the CDC's forthcoming guidance as aresponse to Trump's criticism, saying it would offer more clarity.

So people were suspicious and questioned whetherthe CDC would maybe loosen some of these guidance in order to keep Trump happy.

George Stephanopoulos actually asked the Directorof the CDC about this, let's take a look at what he had to say.

>> Vice President Pence said quite clearlyyesterday that the CDC is revising school guidelines because the President thinks theyare too tough.

Should the doctors and scientists at the CDCbe taking that kind of political direction from the President? >> I wanna clarify really what we're providingis different reference documents.

So our guidelines are our guidelines, butwe're gonna provide additional reference documents to aid, basically, communities that are tryingto reopen K through 12.

It's not a revision of the guidelines.

It's just to provide additional informationto help schools be able to use the guidance that we put forward.

>> So if you listen to that answer and youstill have questions, I don't blame you.

So did George Stephanopoulos and he askeda follow up, take a look.

>> The Vice President said it was a revision, he said he was doing it at the President's direction.

Which guidelines are too tough, which guidelinesare impractical? >> I think it's important, George, to realizeand you use the word guidelines, that's what CDC has done.

They provide guidances, they're not requirements.

And again, the purpose of them, and I thinkit's really important to emphasize to parents around this country, the purpose of thoseguidance is to help local jurisdictions open their schools.

>> The guidelines you had there said thatkids should be six feet apart.

There should be social distancing.

There should be no communal spaces.

Are you revising any of those guidelines atthe direction of the President? >> Right now we're continuing to work withthe local jurisdictions to how they want to take the portfolio of guidance that we'vegiven to make them practical for their schools to reopen.

>> Sir, no one wants to keep the schools closed, but everybody wants to make sure the schools are safe before they are open again.

And that's what I keep trying to ask you about.

Which of these guidelines are you lookingto relax? Should students be six feet apart? >> I think we have to continue to work withthe schools.

As I said, there's a whole portfolio thatthe schools can look at to see what's the right mix for them.

>> Which of these guidelines are too tough, which of these guidelines are impractical? >> Again, I think it depends on how the schoolsput the portfolio together.

>> There are no winners in this story at all.

The American people certainly don't win.

Donald Trump is a disaster and the questiondodging in that interview was pretty devastating.

And I get it, I mean, look, you're dealingwith an administration that has an unhinged individual who's only interested in his ownself interest, right? His political career and how he can improvethe economy enough so he gets reelected.

Remember, if we reopen the schools, what doesthat mean? It means that parents don't need to take careof their kids when they're at home and not going to school.

And economists see that as a potential upsidefor the economy.

So that's part of the reason why Donald Trumpis pushing to prematurely open these schools.

And he also wants everything to look normalas if we're not dealing with this rapidly growing pandemic in our country.

And one final note, Cenk, Trump asked, well, Germany's opening up their schools.

Why can't we? It's because Germany did what it needed todo to get a firm handle on this virus.

We did not do that.

People keep talking about how we're in thesecond wave, we're not in the second wave.

We're still in the first wave.

Many states didn't even take the proper precautionsearly on during this pandemic.

And when the second wave comes, I am honestlyterrified.

Because remember you have to couple coronaviruswith the regular, annual like uptake in flus that we experience every year.

And we already have hospitals that are overwhelmedand do not have enough space for new patients.

>> So Trump asked, hey, if Germany could openthem, why can't we? Well, I have a very clear answer to that.

On Tuesday, Germany had 390 new cases of coronavirus, wow, 309, that sounds like a lot.

How many did we have? 50, 940 , so in a country the size of Germany390 cases is not that bad.

Now, we're obviously larger than Germany, but not by that much.

50, 000 cases is a disaster.

So let's do nuance as we always do here.

So are kids more likely to die from coronavirus? No, they are far less likely to die from coronavirus, it is very rare for them to die.

There's a 17 year old who died in Floridarecently, but she had plenty of pre-existing conditions.

It's not impossible, but it's unlikely.

Are we still worried about the kids gettingsick? Of course we are.

But that's not our predominant concern.

The main concern is twofold.

One is the people that they bring back hometo their parents and their grandparents because they carry the disease.

So it's not like Trump and the Republicanskeep saying, yeah, the kids don't get that sick.

No, they're 100% infected, they don't die.

And oftentimes, don't even have the symptomsas anywhere near as bad as adults do.

But they're 100% infected and they could spreadan infection just as easily to their parents and grandparents, okay? Secondly, the teachers, they gotta stay inan indoor place with 20, 30, 40, 50 kids non stop, let alone the hundreds of kids in theoverall school.

And some of the teachers are middle aged, older.

Some of them have pre-existing conditions.

Some teachers are saying, I got two, threepreexisting conditions and I'm in my 60s.

You're gonna send me in there to sit in abuilding with hundreds of kids, almost certainly some of them are infected, right? It's a death sentence for some of these teachers.

So why do the Republicans want it so bad? Ana's right, we kid around about how it'shard to homeschool the kids, etc.

There's these real reasons why you want thekids to go back to the schools.

No, no, no, no, these idiot Republicans thinkthat we're out of work voluntarily.

So they think, if we cut the unemploymentchecks, and we make the kids go back to school, then the people won't have an excuse anymorenot to go to work.

You idiot, they were fired! They were fired, you morons.

They're not trying to find BS excuses notto go back to work.

But they firmly believe it, and that's whythey're trying to push the kids back into school.

Because in their mind, that's gonna help theeconomy.

All it's gonna do is effect all the parentsand grandparents and definitely the teachers.

And so we all want the kids to go back toschool, but not if it's not safe.

And right now it is not remotely safe.

Still we lead the world in cases, still welead the world in deaths.

And look, we showed you that chart beforeEurope's coronavirus's go up, and then they go down.

Ours go up and then go up.

We're a disaster.

135, 000 dead, we lead the world in numberof deaths.

Trump doesn't know what he's doing.

And when it comes to the CDC, last thing onthat.

Look, they bungled it through and through, Redfield that you just saw, he's totally incompetent.

He's actually a religious zealot of it onhis own.

In the beginning, they really screwed up thetesting, royally.

And it costs us God, untold number of lives.

But I don't get the sense that he has badintent.

I think that in a situation like this, hestuck.

And he's like, I am not gonna change the guidelinesbecause that would kill people.

But I'm not gonna tell you that I disagreewith Trump because that would get me fired.

And then then the new guy would then be evenworse than me.

So he stuck in an unwinnable position.

The beginning bungling was his fault.

Now it's 100% Trump's fault.

>> So I want to go to the last graphic herebecause this is a still frame from Fox News.

So I'm glad that they're at least reportingthis.

And if you look at the numbers, total caseshave surpassed 3 million.

And total deaths is, at this point honestly, it's 133, 000 over 133, 000.

And then we hit a single day record on Wednesdayof this week with 62, 751 new cases on Wednesday alone.

I mean it's insane.

And you look at that map and every singlestate is red.

Because every single state is being negativelyimpacted by Donald Trump's lack of leadership and incompetence, absolute incompetence whenit comes to dealing with this pandemic.

I also just want to quickly note the COVIDtracking project has just shared, and I also shared this on Twitter, that nationally, theseven-day average in deaths has begun to rise after extended decline.

So the last three days were the highest numberswe've seen since June.

So for all the people who kept saying, no, no, no deaths are down, deaths are down.

We're totally fine.

Just young people, young people are gettingit.

No, young people don't live in an isolatedisland, okay? They go home to their families.

One in five Americans lives in a multi-generationalhome, meaning you got grandma and grandpa living there or you're living with your parentswho are probably older.

This is a disastrous way of handling the pandemic, everyone knows it.

And we're paying the consequences for it rightnow.

And it's gonna get worse if we don't do something.

>> Let me give you one last depressing fact.

So the Americans now account for half thedeaths in the world.

We lead the world in America, but Brazil'snow number two and they're incompetent fascist leader.

So incompetent he himself got coronavirus, Bolsonaro did.

But more importantly, they're trying to catchus.

It's nearly impossible to catch us in numberof cases, but they're closing fast.

But now the third hot spot in the world, herecomes India.

And India is four times larger than us.

When that virus rips through India and ithas begun to, it is gonna be a nightmare for the world.

And so remember when the idiot Donald Trumpsaid it wouldn't magically disappear in the summer because it can't stand the heat.

And then it would just go away.

Well, I can assure you, it's hot in America, it's hot in Brazil.

And it's definitely hot in India, and it hasnot gone away.

So this thing is here, unfortunately, forquite some time, and we've got to start acting like it.


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