Best of Zach King Magic Compilation 2019 – Part 1

(spray paint can rattling) (jazz music) (spray paint hiss) (spray paint hiss) – Hey, you! You can't be doing that! Hey! Wait, what? – Later! So, some see this glass as half full, some see it as half empty but I see it as a piece of cake.


(cards shuffling) (cards shuffling) – Would you look atthat? Five o'clock, wow! Time really does fly.

– Whoa, whoa, where's everyone going? We have a lot of work to do! I need this done by the end of the day! Oh! – I'm gonna get a selfiewith Lady Liberty here.

Excuse me, can I get a photo? Okay, cheese! All right, thank you! That's kinda cool.

– Hey, welcome to King's Coffee Company, can I take your order? – Yeah, give me a vanilla latte.

– Great, that'll be five dollars.

All right, and you knowhow to use our app? – Yeah.

– Then go ahead and press down now.

– Oh, this is way too hot! Ugh.

– Oh.

– I wanted this iced! – I'm sorry, sir, I can remake it for you.

– Take it back! – Oh, I'm sorry, don't push it through! – Oh, man.

– Have a nice day! [Narrator] And, because of global warming, the penguin will surely starve.

– That's so sad.

– Oh, babe, hey, I got this.

[Narrator] .



leaving himat the mercy of the orca.

– He's fine.

Oh, my gosh! – Oh, my gosh!(crying loudly) – Hey, hey, baby, “Friends” is on.

– Okay.

– Does anyone else feel likethese don't really work? Wait, hey, what are you doing? It's a red light, dude! (truck horn honking) – Aah! – Hey, look before you cross the street! (camera snaps) – Dude, this is a long line.

I've got an idea, let's go around back.

Over there.

Yeah, right there's good.

(loud crunching) Oh, yuck! That's plastic.

Let's get a real one.

(crowd screaming)(car horns honking) Go, get out of here! (car alarms) (party goes talking loudly) – All right, guys, check this out.

Edith, power on the movie.

[Edith] Movie powering on.

– Whoa! – All right, but this is even cooler.

Edith, power on my suit.

[Edith] Suit powering on.

– Wow! – [Party-Goer] Hey, watch out, the movies on! – [Zach] Sorry, guys, give me a second.

Edith, power down the lights.

[Edith] Suit powering down.

– No, I said lights! Not the suit! Aah! – Whoa, Zach!Hey, the movie, man! – I'm good.

(alarm ringing) – Oh.

(loud yawn) (angelic music) (jazz music) (car horns honking) – Oh, come on! (car horn honking) (birds chirping) – Mmm.

(alarm ringing) – Ugh! Five more minutes! Mmm.

(seagulls squawking) – Oh, come on! Ugh, birds.

That's what I call a sandwich.

(loud crunching) Ugh, you can have it anyway! (seagulls squawking) Oh, that's terrible.

(computer dings) Storm Area 51? You can't stop all of us! Hmm, I'm in.

(computer dings) (pounding on door)[FBI Agent] FBI, open up! You're under arrest! If you don't open up this door right now we will break it down! (door crashing) – Freeze! – Where is he? Where is he? – He's here, he's here! Man, he's good.

– Oh! Hot potato! Hot, hot, ho! Hot, ho, hot, hot! Hot potato! Hot, hot, ho! Hot, ho, hot, hot! Hot potato! Hot, hot, ho! Hot, ho, hot, hot! (knock on door) – Trick or treat! – Oh, I've got a trick.

– [Man] Hey, Zach? – Yeah? – [Man] Have you tried thatfilter that turns you old? – No? – [Man] Do you want to try it? – Sure, what do I do? – [Man] Well, just smile, and 3.







(camera clicks) – [Man] (laughs) Cool.

Zach, check that out.

– Oh, awesome.

– [Man] Uh, Zach? – Wait.



– [Man] Zach, hold your face.

– Hey, why am I old? – [Man] I don't know! – Hey, turn me back! Get back here, you hooligan! – [Man] I'm sorry! – Hey, if the gloomyweather's got you down I just wanted to takea moment and remind you that on the other side of a rainy day.



is a sunny day waiting for ya.

This is a great day actually.

– So, pay very close attention.

You're gonna take some milk, then you're gonna take some strawberries, give it a little shake, and you get a milkshake.

(whooshing) (spinning) (slurp) Mm.

Oh, that's terrible.


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