Best Of Justina Valentine vs. DC Young Fly Most Epic Roasts Ever ? Wild 'N Out

– You went for my wholeteam, that aint right.

Yo ass up here soundin'like a damn dirt bike.

(DC growls)(audience cheers) – Okay D but don't leave yet.

(buzzer chimes) Okay, DC, don't get too close, you know I really hate germs.

And yo body look like a big ass tape worm.

(audience cheers) (upbeat hip-hop music) ♪ Hey! ♪ (upbeat hip-hop music) ♪ Hey! ♪ – Aw (beep), on my (beep) list.

Put my (beep) on yah, 'causeyah dressed like pic nic.

(bell chimes) (DC screams) – Dressed like a pic nic, do that dance.

But DC is shaped like a garden ant! With yah little hand and your little feet all you say “Ow, ” whenyou wrap to the beat.

– All I say is, “Ow, “that's what you heard? Look y'all, it's a albino bird! (audience laughs and cheers) (bell chimes) (audience cheers) ♪ Wild out! ♪ – That tattoo on yah face, you know that a no no.

You (beep) look likea finished Coach logo.

(bell chimes)If you left, no one would be missin' you.

You look like employee ofthe money at Jiffy Lube.

(audience laughs)(bell chimes) – Ooh.

All right.

Listen, y'all know, I'm 'bout my bread.

You got a bandaid on yourknee, stop givin' (beep)! – [Audience] Oh!(bell chimes) ♪ Wild out! ♪ – I was at the slut walk, andit really change my world.

I was in the streets hoeingwith yah mom and your girl! (audience cheers) – I'ma tell you like this.


(audience laughs loudly) That (beep) needs some cushion.

You got yo hair likeRapunzel, but guess what? Don't nobody wanna say youfrom that dragon ass (beep).

– [Audience] Oh!(bell chimes) – Damn DC! (DC growls) (audience applauds)♪ Wild out! ♪ – Well a roo! – Since you wanna be Chris Tucker so bad, why don't you go ahead and save Su Yung.

– [Audience] Oh!(audience laughs) – Girl if you don't getya goddamn white girl off of Hustle and Flow, “I'ma do this for you!” (audience laughs) “I'ma do this for you!” – DC you got two sticks for legs and you built like a dirtyQ-tip, microphone head ass boy! – Oh I'm like a goddamn, if you do get yo goddamn.

Only thing you bring tothe barbecue is mayonnaise.

(audience laughs) – Out! – [Audience] Goddamn! (bell chimes) ♪ Wild out! ♪ – The fans think yah messy and they wish you would do better.

You should introduce yahtop lip to yah bottom lip, 'cause they aint never been together.

(bell chimes)- [Audience] Oh! – She trippin', right? – [DC] I got you! – [NeNe] (murmurs) – I got you, NeNe, do worry.

– Come on nephew! – We gone right (beep).

You a real housewife, she just a side (beep).

(audience laughs loudly) – You see what I'm saying! (bell chimes) ♪ Wild out! ♪ – Aye, DC.

I'm tire of hearing you ramble.

(beep) y'all lookin' at theface that got TRL canceled! – Ooh! (bell chimes) – You talkin' 'bout TRL got canceled.

Damn (beep).

Yah hit me on the low.

Let's talk about when youcalled me three months ago, talkin' 'bout some, “Please, can you get me on the show.

” (audience laughs)(bell chimes) I'm like, you need help? She was like, “Please, immediately, they chokin' me!” – Okay, here's the thing, that aint really true.

So let me hear your rhyme next.

– Okay.

– TRL call me, theywanted me to be a guest, they said you're really good, and your face know your face.

DC, I keep it real, theywanted me to take yah place.

– [Audience] Oh! (bell chimes) (bell chimes) ♪ Wild out! ♪ – Clayton, we all know you ratchet.

You look like Steph Curryif he never made a basket.

– Ooh! – DC, I don't mean to be a hater, but you look Doug Funnieif he grew up in Decatur.

♪ Okay, that's cool.

♪ ♪ But his is critical.

♪ ♪ Yo (beep) is garbage ♪ ♪ 'cause you outfit made ♪ ♪ Out of trash bag material.

♪ (bell chimes) – Okay.

– It must be Thursday, I'm'bout take her ass to the curb.

(audience laughs) – DC.

– Come on Justina.

– Okay, DC, trash back, yeah I'll take that but you, Soldier Boy, ifhe never made Crank That! – [Audience] Oh!(bell chimes) ♪ Wild out! ♪ (audience cheers) – You sure I can go in? Okay.

Damn Justina, yo (beep)bigger than a mother (beep)! (audience laughs and cheers)(bell chimes) (audience laughs) ♪ Wild out! ♪ – DC Young Fly.

– Oh (beep).

– Yo, yo, DC I don't mean be rude, but you so skinny, yolook you allergic to food.

Yo pants that tight, youcan't even get yo lean on.

You the type (beep), wakeup and put her jeans on.

(audience laughs)(bell chimes) Can't breathe in there, DC! – Aye, aye, man, stop that (beep), man.

You keep coming a me now.

And that is a damn shame.

You know what you need to do? You need to go to everylittle kid birthday party and swallow that helium out that balloon.

And maybe yo voice a chance.

(audience laughs)(DC screams) ♪ Wild out! ♪ – DC, there's one thingthat I can't ignore.

Your body is built justlike an extension chord.

I mean, you're always hyper.

(bell chimes) You need to smoke a joint.

Matter fact, yah body builtlike an exclamation point.

– [Audience] Oh!(bell chimes) – All right, that was, Iguess white people jokes.

Here we go, bring 'em to the hood.

All right, it's hard for me to pick thot.

You got them socks over yah knees, 'cause you sick (beep) a lot.

(audience laughs loudly)(bell chimes) Wait a minute, wait a minute, I aint done! Now listen, look they gone hear this word.

You got a scarf around yo neck.

That's for catching sperm! – [Audience] Oh!(bell chimes) – Oh, okay.

Well don't go away yet, DC.

– She's a sperm magnet.

(audience laughs) – Okay.

– Little DNA right there, watch out.

– Okay, well listen.

Guys, calm down a little bit, he didn't really win yet.

When he hit last night, Ihad to ask, “Is it in yet?” – [Audience] Oh!(bell chimes) – Wait a minute, wait aminute, wait a minute.

Uh uh, you cannot betalkin' 'bout my (beep).

I know never (beep) agirl who sounds like this! (audience laughs) (DC chimes) (Nick laughs) ♪ Wild out! ♪ Justina, you aint fina go at my team.

I can't believe you did this.

Yo (beep) like the Underground Atlanta, 'cause everything downthere goin' outta business! (audience roars)(bell chimes) – Aye well, DC I'm the bombbaby, you need that spark.

Your booty (beep) is aswide as Piedmont park! – [Audience] Oh!(buzzer chimes) – You shoulda got some ass shots.

And I'ma knock at the door.

Look at yo nose (beep), it's not even yours.

(audience laughs)(bell chimes) She only can breathe out the left side.

'Cause the doctor (beep) up on the right.

(bell chimes) – DC, you don't want that smoke.

Everyday you doin'(Justina screams) 'cause you aint got no joke.

(bell chimes) I do gotta joke, you just gotta listen.

You probably can't hearme 'cause voice keep.

(DC growls) (bell chimes) (horn blows) ♪ Wild out! ♪ – Huh, get this picture of me and DC.

(audience laughs)(bell chimes) ♪ Wild out! ♪ It's Brooke and Justina.

Y'all are just passenger, we come through it's Valentine Day massacre! – Woo!- DC, why screamin' thug life? You look the main characterfrom A Bug's Life! (audience laughs)(bell chimes) (Nick laughs) – Ant! – Now look.

Cool, I'ma need my respect.

Look, this aint gotnothin' to do with you, 'cause you need to getdamn relationship in check.

So listen up.

(bell chimes) Listen, white girl.

Why you comin' to me, I'ma tell you right now.

Yo ass is ugly from head to yo feet.

Hear we go, uh!(bell chimes) – DC, the truth is, Ithink that you a bitch.

Atlanta, don't he look likethe alien from Lilo and Stitch? (audience laughs)(bells chimes) I'm up here, and one more thing, 'cause the 'cause aNick, I'm getting bread! And you look just like a farmer, 'cause yah only deal with chicken heads.

(audience laughs) – Listen.

(bell chimes) (audience laughs)What yah talkin', you need to take that back! 'Cause yo ass look like a Hannah Montanna, if she's on crack!(audience laughs) (bell chimes)Listen, where yah daddy at? Aye, where yah daddy at? Aye.

(bell chimes) Hey, where yah daddy at! (audience applauds) (upbeat hip-hop music) ♪ Hey! ♪ (upbeat hip-hop music).

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