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The best beef burger from fast food chains Better if we stuck in the middle range how much 100 g of this burger is? This burger is on the verge Peace be upon you, how are you? hope you're doing good Welcome, we're back with another video as you can see There's burgers and a scale here If you could please explain In short, We'll compare between the beef burgers of fast food restaurants We ordered their famous beef burger For example, for McDonald's it's the BigMac Whopper for Burger King Superstar for Hardee's and I'm Hungry I'm Hungry is Saudi based but considered one of the fast food restaurants If you get your order in less than 10 minutes, then it's considered fast food restaurant It's fast.

and the scale is to see how much is 100 g of this burger is To see the price of the burger in comparison to its weight Got it? How are we going to calculate it? I'll do it we'll compare between each of them The flavor, how it looks, the price, and everything.

Okay? Everything With what shall we start? Let's start with the middle one but there's two in the middle the right one because we're comparing the best between each, you'll ask why there's a cheeseburger? why? This tiny burger it's not even the prettiest But it's great with simple ingredients, it's amazing the BigMac is the most famous burger they have worldwide, even here two beef patties with cheese and bread betweem it's 19 SAR and we'll see how much does it weigh exactly 200 g I doubt anybody out there doesn't know what this burger tastes like Everyone knows this, but when you get them all together you'll notice things let's taste the patty is is small and thin that's the case with all fast food restaurants, a thin patty the ingredients go well together with the sauce, it's well-balanced if you added a bit more sauce, the burger will be ruined McDonald's is very competitive let's see what about this? you eat it Second, the Superstar, it looks heavy it's 22 SAR, let's see how much does it weigh 324 g it's heavier Heavier than McDonald's by 30% that's why it's more expensive Honestly, I'm not a fan of Harde's I visit Harde's often I eat from every restaurant I find grains in most burgers, can you see it? I don't look that closely to what I eat, don't look I just wanna know what's that it's in every fast food restaurant the veggie flavor is dominant, you can taste the onions clearly yeah? you can taste every bit of veggies in here with this burger, I feel like I'm eating legit meat, you know? right? the cheese and the sauce go well together, that's good My note is that there's lots of veggie flavor in here you can order it without veggies I want mine loaded with veggies I won't judge until I'm finished with all of them I'm just telling you what I thought of it I've tasted it before, but now we're comparing.

I haven't taken a decision Haven't started yet I'm leaving some from every burger in case I wanted to go back That's beef Whopper Here, look at this I want someone to explain to us what's this They have it in their beef too Don't make me notice If I told you what does it remind me of I'm pretty sure you won't eat it Okay, just, relax Okay, enough Cut it, look here Whopper is an old item in Burger King, and it's BBQed yeah, as oppose to grilled all the time they even have healthy items they even made an ad campaign where one of the branches got burned down Burger King then took some pictures to prove to the customer that they were BBQing the branch was in flames 259 g Heavier than the BigMac but lighter than Hardee's In comparison, this weighs 250 while the BigMac was 200 So what's cheaper? This one, even though they're the same price, but this one is heavier I really like the flavor I enjoy it Has a grilling taste? Yeah, I can taste it There's no cheese If there's cheese, the price will go up why doesn't it have cheese? I don't know, maybe you have to ask I feel the competition getting intense it's a close score A local product is entering now Let's see it The local product is I'm Hungry you all know we did an ad for them I'm not just saying this, but we don't do ads for things we don't like exactly the price of the double is they don't have a standard order they have the original, double, and triple I ordered the double which most people go for The first thing I love about I'm Hungry is the packaging You open it, it becomes a plate it's wrapped, see how it looks? It calls for you let's weigh, I think this will be the most expensive the most expensive? 174 g 8 SAR for 100 g McDonald's is more expensive Here, 100 g is 8 SAR but McDonald's it's 9.

5 SAR that's cheaper even though.


Proved us wrong Cheaper price with higher quality And these things are costly If you think about it business-wise they're gonna think we're doing an ad I swear it's not an ad let's try it I'm enjoying it the bread is soft and melts in the mouth I feel like there's less meat I love the bread, the cheese a small portion of the meat the bread is more expensive than the others even the lettuce is imported gives it more points, it's enjoyable I think I took a decision, let's finish this Didn't see if there's grains in here doesn't have, that's minced beef yeah, you're right they're all minced beef but this is fresh yeah, you can see the meat, it wasn't pressed on each other a long time the reputation plays a huge role For example One of the most famous fast food chains in USA is In-n-Out it's impossibly famous, when you go eat there and compare it to other burgers, you'll see it's average honestly I'm Hungry might be famous in KSA but if it reached a multinational level it's going to be like In-N-Out and all that stuff I know what's the first place, but I wanna decide who's the second and third You, too, comment below what's your favorite restaurant for beef burger Please comment below, no cheating there has been a lot of changing I decided the first place winner, In regards of price and quality and flavor and presentation The presentation is important to me I wanna look at the thing and have it look back to me I felt that with I'm Hungry For me, the first place is I'm Hungry, totally worth it not because it's local, but for its quality I enjoyed it, it's delicious, and cheap I think their profit margin isn't a lot with that packaging and quality and that price, their margin mustn't be a lot God bless them with more second place is McDonald's Honestly, their BigMac and their sauce I liked it the third place goes for Hardee's I changed my opinion Last place is the Whopper Maybe because it's the cheese and that affected my judgement but it takes the last spot And I usually prefer the Whopper than the Superstar but I changed my mind, Hardee's then Burger King I hope it doesn't affect your judgement and that's my personal opinion that's our personal opinion Don't take it for a rule, it's my opinion Ameer will be different and yours will be too Even him Eyad loves that grilled burger in that cheap place My list goes as the following same as Abdulrahman's First I'm Hungry then McDonald's, Hardee's then Burger King It's very rare for us to agree yeah I'm Hungry has a perfect price even if the double isn't enough for you, get the triple, the rest is fairly priced too, and I do eat them even Burger King but it's all in the preference and my preference matched Abdulrahman's with that we've reached the end of the episode, hope you liked it, and if you did don't forget to like, subscribe, and turn on the notification button that wraps our epsiode of the best beef burger from fast food chains let us know if you like the episode we could do other episodes we could go for more expensive burgers we could do a video like this for gourmet burgers 50 SAR and above burgers if you want us to do them, comment below or we could compare between chicken burgers we could compare many things, if you liked it, let us know See you in the next video Abdulrahman was with you and Ameer from Lift & Cheat channel Peace.

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