4 Million Sold Out??? Which K-Beauty Brand is The Best? ? [WWW #EP1 Skincare Tips]

Hi guys!Welcome back to WWW! Look who's back! – It's me! I'm back.

– We missed you.

Sadly, I know we all wanted Danny here, but.



Eddie's back from the States, and he has a gift for me! – Which I already ate.



– Hot Cheetos? – I ate those on the plane.

– Well, good luck in the bathroom.

Oh honey.

She's long gone.

– Anyway, why are you here today, Coco?- Because, Eddie, – you're just so beautiful with your new hair color.

– Oh my God.

You can see how long.



– What's happening?- I don't freaking know.

Anyways, let's talk about your color!It looks so gorgeous on you.

– Thank you.

– Gray, right? Gray? Is that what you're going for, gray? I am matching with the (in Korean) producer.

– Cause we're couple now.

– Okay.

– I also got pregnant while I was gone.

– What?! With seven kilograms of food.

Tell us! (In Korean) Why all of sudden.



Am I drinking this? What was that? – You're just so natural.

– I know, that's why I do my videos.

– So comfortable.

– (In Korean) Sorry.

Let's go again, again.

– I'm also pregnant with.



– No way! What the heck?Seven kilograms of food, so.



– That all, went to my stomach.

– Show us, show us! The curves, oh my God.

So thick.

The heck?What have you been up to? – I actually gained weight too.

– Where? Here, and here.



And here.



– Okay! Let's talk about, let's talk about skin care!- (Inaudible) It's actually a really good timeto focus on your skin, while we're inside, indoors, focus on your, you know, skin.

Especially, we're not really wearing make-up.

When this all ends, we'll all come out looking beautiful.

Inside and out.

Through COSRX! It's cause we can't fix this? – You like my smooth transition?- I do.

COSRX stands for cosmetics and Rx, – which is.




– Prescription.

– Yeah.

– You told they're whole brand in general – is almost like pharmacy of different, – Yeah.

– treatments, things for your skin care, etcetera.

– Yes, yes, yes.

And they became really popular with, (inaudible) – the pads.

– Their pads.


– Yes.

Super popular.

On Stylekorean.

com, COSRX was their No.

1 best-selling brand.

I feel like it's because of these pads.

– Yeah.

We did a whole episode, too.

– Yeah! Episode on pads! If you guys are interested, go check out that episode! Yeah, so you don't feel like having – a toner and a separate cotton, – Cotton swab, yeah.

it all can be very convenient.

And let's talk about their mascot:Mr.


Yes, because he's gone.

– He's gone! – Complete repackaging.

– Oh no! Mr.

RX is gone! – Can't say he's gonna be missed, but.



– Oh, Mr.

RX! You like him? I don't know, I feel like with new packaging, I can take COSRX a little bit more serious.

Like, it looks more professional.

I think the main difference is, well on the front, you kinda get a break down of the ingredients that are in pads themselves, because these days, people are very — – Smart about ingredients.

– Smart with what comes in.




Yeah, it does feel more likethey're living up to their name, – Yeah.

– about, being a cosmetic brand, – (In Korean) Right.

– prescribed cosmetic brand, right? – You're saying before.



– You know you see this at Olive Young, but – Oh, – I wasn't able to find it at first, because it just looks so different.

The images are totally different now.

So, we have three types of pads, right? The original one is the most best-selling, they sold over two million.

– Even just that one.

– Just the original one.

– Four million sold?- Four million total sold.

And then.



– That is targeted for oily skin, or?- Yes, yes.

– Problematic skin?- Yeah.

And there were so many reviews thatactually, like, were on for this product, saying that it really cleared up their acne.

So, I was surprised! – Because, I don't.




– Cause you don't need that, because your skin is so good.

But, what I will say, though, is thateven if you're not into using pads, for exfoliating, or, you don't reallyhave blemishes, like Coco over here, – then you have ones for like dry skin, – Yes! This is the one that I would go for.

So, the dry skin one is, the Moisture Up Pad, – Ah.

– and it has propolis and BHA.

BHA, the levels of BHA in this one is 0.


The original one had 1%, I think?So, it's slightly more acidic, but definitely, it's gonna take care of your acne.

So, I would recommend if you're like me, you have oily T-zone, but then dry skin overall, put these on your face like around here, and use the original pads – on your like, T-zone.

– She'd tell you buy two.

The One Step Green Hero Calming Pad, out of the three, – it does have the lowest pH, – Yes, yes.

about 0.

25% – if you have kind of sensitive skin, like me, but if you still wannaremove some level of dead skin, because even though my skin can get really red and sensitive, I do still get, like around here and between my brows, I do get dry skin, so, this will be a good optionfor people like that and me.

This is slightly different from the other ones, the other ones had BHA, but then this one has PHA, apparently, just like, kinda exfoliates your skin, – like a layer to make it very even?- Yeah, it's like, right.

It's supposed to be the most gentleversion of those BHA, AHA and such things.

So, it removes like dead skin cells, and you're ableto get the full effects of whatever you put after, right? – Yeah.

– Your creams, your serums.

And I was worried that the factthat it is in a toning pad, that would be really rough, cause when you have sensitive skin — it's actually really, really soft.

So, if that's one concern for you, I don't think that's something you have to worry about.

Yup! So, let's move on! Yes, we're gonna talk about this new line! – Cica!- Pure Fit Cica Line.

Could you tell us what cica is? – Cica is centella asiatica.

– A very, very popular ingredient in K-Beauty in general.

But you know, all over the world now.

For its, sort of healing properties, and sort of calming effect, antioxidant effect.

And, I.



heard somewhere, if a tiger was injured, – I think this was in another episode, right?- Oh yeah! It like, rubs itself against the plant? – The leaves!- Yeah, and then heals it.

– So, I think that's where it came from.

– That's exactly what it does! Antioxidant to soothe the sensitive skin, and heal it, right? It's really a good product for just, anyone in general, cause it's not demanding, it's not too harsh for anyone, so, even if you have sensitive skin, or you're looking for basic, good skin That's not gonna like, do too much to you, – I think cica is a good option to go for.

– Yeah! So, we have the new line here, we have, of course, the cleanser, and then we have the toner, then we have cream, and the serum, and, this is interesting.

– Powder.

– Yeah, that's one thing.

If I saw (inaudible), oh yeah, I'd appreciate it, but then the powder, I don't really see that.

Yeah, I don't either.

I know that this is supposed to heal, I guess, the impurities? – It's almost like concentrated cica?- Pimples.



– You can add it to anything you want?- Yeah, so every item of the line, it has different percentage of cica added to it, but, let's see.



Oh! – Oh, what's that?- Oh my God, oh my God! Look at this long, long, paper.

Receipt? – This is what's happening.

– Ah, because it's multiple languages.

Yes, there's multiple languages.

It has directions, it has ingredients, it has everything you need to knowabout this product! I'm gonna read it, I want you to tell mewhat language you think it is.


– (In Korean) The COSRX Pure Fit Cica Line is.



– French! – (In Korean) Excuse me.



It's your language.

– Korean! – COSRX Pure Fit Cica collection is made with seven.



– Korean? Oh! Eddie, it says right here! Cica's also known as centella asiatica, ancient folk tales refer to this plant by the name 'Tiger Herb, 'because of a legend that tigers rolled around in a bed of centella asiatica plant after fighting.

Centella asiatica is effective for calming, moisturizing, and conditioning the skin! – Rap goddess.

– I was pretty good, huh? – You're so good.

– I was good.

So, yeah, let's open this.



When I first opened it at my house, there was this big cloud of powder.

She's trying to recreate the moment.

You know, when you're sitting on a chair, and it makes a farting noise, and people are like, “What?”and you're like “No, that wasn't me, that was the chair!” So you try to recreate it, but it doesn't happen? So, what does this powder do, Eddie?Please explain to us.

The powder – if you kinda wanna give a boost, this sort of cica, calming, (In Korean) blah blah ingredients, in whatever step – you don't even have touse it with — even the pads.

– Yeah.

– I did it with the pad, you kinda just put it on, – and, I guess it.



– Oh, the powder on the pad? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Like I said earlier, I was afraid of (it might feel like) sand paper, but it's really finely milled, almost likeHD powder in make-up, it's so finely milled and soft thatwhen it hits the liquid, it dissolves immediately.

Yeah, it does.

It's — feel that.

It feels super f.



Would you use this or this first? – Of course, serum first.


– Serum first, right? I always assumed it was, uh, lightest to heaviest, right? That's what I thought, but there's like a research done, – it doesn't really matter.

– Yeah, I also heard that.

– Yeah, like how.

– Have you met people like, mix their skin care? – They literally put one drop of everything, – Everything? they mix it, and put it all on.

They call it like, skincare cocktail or something.

Oh, we should try that.

Actually, I'm really curious.

Show me how much you put on your face.

– If you're using this, yeah.

– Serum? One cheek.

Another cheek.

Isn't that too much? What about the cream? I want you to show me with the cream.

Oh, you do this too? – And then, hands.

– (In Korean) You Korean.

K-Beauty enthusiast! (In Korean) This much? (In Korean) Isn't it too much? That's a lot.

That's why it's taking youforever to wait for things absorbed! Have you thought of a dry sponge? That you haven't used in a few days, it's so, like, dry, like a rock, but when you put it under water, it takes a while for the water to penetrate it.

You kinda think of your skin is the same way.

With the toner, you just soften up the skin, but also, it helps absorb other things, it makes them work better.

So, if you apply the toner, you can actually end up using way lessof your other products, so, even for the serum, I would use like, that much maybe, formy whole face, and for the cream, – I'll probably use (In Korean) this much?- Really? You need to try it.

– You need to try.



– Really? And it absorbs much faster.

Mask, mask, mask! (In Korean) Ah, right.

– Did you just try this?- I did.


At night.

– Yesterday night.

Yesterday night.

– The mask.




– (Distorted) Look at my skin!- Oh my God, it looks so good with make-up on! Glowing like always, Coco.

This is what I used last night! – Did it really stick well?- Yes.

And it's very thin, so it just feels like another layer of your skin.

– Ah, does it disappear when you like, perfectly.



– Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's very transparent.

(In Korean) Then, this will be perfect for summer, where— I hear a lot of things, apparently.

But, I heard that if your skin raises even one degreetemperature, you get break out and just, (In Korean) it becomes a mess.

– It's because we studied this for last episode!- True.

But, this will be great in the summer, whereyour face feels hot, and you wanna cool it down.

– Yes.

Immediately cools you down.

– Yeah.

And the fact that cica is in there, even more cooling — I love to stick these in the mi, – Microwave?- (In Korean) I just said microwave.

I'll put these in the fridge.

And use that like, cold.

Oh, I want to talk about like, You can even put this in the fridge, but I'd like to put these in the fridge, too.

– Yeah, yeah.

– Yeah, so you're wiping off, it's like.



– Oh, it cools you down.

Yeah!- (In Korean) Refreshingly cold.

– We're done.

– Oh, great.

Well, Coco, I had a lot of fun today.

– You did?- Yeah, coming back — it was only a month, – but it felt like a year.

– Forever, right? – And you missed me!- Oh my God.

If you're interested in any of the products, they're, of course, linked down below for you to – check out! On StyleKorean!- Check out! And, let us know!I don't know, your skin type and let us know how you do your skin care in the summer, cause I would be curious.

And I'm pretty sure a lot of you guys havetried COSRX products, before in the past, let us know your experience with it, and which products you guys recommend us to try out as well.

And yes, make sure to like, subscribe, keep the bell notification on! So that you can see this beautiful face.

– And wish my newborn, – Good luck! When I'm gone, this will be the new host.

– Bye!- Okay, bye! (In Korean) Bye!.

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