4 Awesome Experiments That You Can Do At Home Easily

Hello friendsWelcome to Hacker Om Today I am going to show 4 experiments thatyou can do at home.

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Let’s start now For this experiment we need a bottle And we have to cut its bottom part.

Bind a thread in it.

Make a hole in its cap.

Take a long thread and fine sand Make a pendulum out of these I have made a pendulum with one thread.

Let’s fill this bottle with sandTo make pattern with pendulum, I have stick a black plastic on the floor So that pattern looks beautiful.

Let’s see how it’s creating pattern.

This time I have made pendulum with only onethread.

The pattern looked like thisBecause if I leave it like this This takes same time if I leave it like thisfor one oscillation Now I have made pendulum with two thread.

In this case it takes different times to oscillateif we leave it this way Or this way.

That’s why it creates different pattern.

Let’s create pattern with this type of pendulum.

This time I am increasing its length a littlebit more.

Wow what an amazing pattern Again I have increased the length of the thread.

Let’s see which type of pattern it’s creatingnow.

Friends, clouds are of many typesBut today we will create cloud by own mouth.

Doing this is easy in winterBut doing it in summer We need some science to do it.

Let’s do it.

Its first step is We have to strike our tongue on upper part of mouthLike this We have to do this process after filling airin our mouth.

Like this We have to do like this for 30 seconds.

After that we have to pressurize our mouthlike this.

After pressurize leave the air gently.

Cloud will create.

Now I am going to do it.

When we strike tongue up and down it createsmany small vapors inside our mouth That easily gets evaporate and creates warmand humid air inside our mouth When we pressurize our mouth then air getsheated more .

When we release this air, it gets condensedBecause air outside mouth is cool.

This way this cloud forms.

This process is very easy.

You can also do it by doing a little bit practice.

If you are able to do it just comment.

I had done an experiment in my previous video.

I had added salt in water that makes waterso dense that potato started floating But today we will do an experiment thatIf we heat the salt water, potato will float or not.

Let’s do it This experiment is very easy To do this we need water, potato, glass, salt andinduction cook top.

We can use gas stove instead of inductioncook top.

Let’s do it.

I am pouring normal water in glass This time you can see it goes down to the bottom.

I am mixing salt in it We have to continue adding salt till it comes on the top Yes’ potato has come on the top Let’s check the temperature of this saltwater This is 25.

9 degree Celsius nowLet’s heat it I am going to heat it on the induction cook top You can see water is boiling Now we can do our experimentThis is 108 degree Celsius now and it is decreasing So I am going to transfer it in the glass Now pour the potato in it Yes, in hot salt water the potato has gone down This time this is 91 degree Celsius hot and the potato is down Let’s see what happen if it cools down.

As it is cooling down the potato is comingup It’s coming upPotato has come on the top when temperature reaches 86 degree Celsius.

This was amazing experiment Comment us how potato goes down.

Now I am going to make simple sugar flame thrower Sugar has lots of energy.

We all use sugar in granules form in our houses.

It can’t get fire easily To fire it let’s make a simple sugar flame thrower To do this I am going to grind the sugar to turn it in powder form Yes , it turned in powder form Now take a bottle and make a hole in its cap Now I am inserting sugar powder into the bottle It’s enough Close the cap Now its spraying powder Lit a candle Now I will spray sugar powder on its flame As we know that to burn fire we need three things oxygen, fuel, and to ignite it a little bit heat If we try to burn sugar granules, it can’t get fire easily Because it has not enough oxygen But when we convert sugar granules into powder form and spray it It catches fire easily because it gets enough oxygen between molecules.

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